Monday, February 15, 2016

This morning I start the day by grieving for one of my dear friends, a rat terrier named Dutchess Anne. She was a great dog, loved to cuddle in blankets and run at full speed around the yard.
Last night we believe our dog Dutchess and Chloe were poisoned around 730 or so. They were in the yard, Chloe was tied up. I personally saw a car driving slow, stop at the end if my driveway. I went out to see what was going on and they left and went down the road a ways and stopped again. Not sure why. I have talked to the Wahburn County (Sooner, WI)  and Barron County (Cumberland) Sheriffs department also the vet. We have heard rumors that other dogs have had similar incidences happen. We have heard if food being thrown to the dogs  which then get suck and die.
I hope nobody else goes through this. Dutchess passed away from a slow horrible death and Chloe made it through but is weak but determined to make it. After talking to the vet it seems to me that they probably had ingested a rat poison that's on the market that is a neurotoxin called  brometheden? I'm sure that's spelled wrong,  sorry been a ling night. 
My concern is to let people know so that they don't have to go through this horror. If you see or hear anything, please call the Sheriffs department. At this time they have no leads  as I didn't get the plate number or make and model of the car.