Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nice and foggy out there, have not seen that in awhile...

Good morning, come in and chat with me a minute. I feel like I have neglected the blog and other areas of my life. Sometimes life gets in the way of life doesn't it?

Well I am back and I am glad to say that most of the gardens are in. I do have some things sitting here that need to go in still. I was going to get in there yesterday and work on things however we were blessed with a whole day of rain!!! Thank you Lord we so needed it!! I also keep figuring out more things to plant so that does not help. Plus I am really trying to do the whole companion gardening, so hopefully things will grow better. So this takes more time as I have to look up info before planting. I think it will be interesting to see if it helps in the long run. I know I have learned alot.

We went to the flea market or some call it the farmers market in Pine City yesterday and there wasn't much to see due to the rain but I did get some herb plants so I was thrilled about that.
If you never have gone there I would highly suggest do that. There s alittle of everything.

We have been busy here at the farm, we had a visitor that came in and got our chickens so now we are down to the adult rooster. That means no egg sales at the farmers market for me! I did put all the chickens we had out in the coop, they are now 4 months old. They won't be laying for awhile yet so that is frustrating! We worked on the outside run to make all the holes disappear and we put a tin roof on it as well. Pretty snazzy. Here is my awesome helper, very little complaining I was so proud of her. Its nice to work together on something.

Mikhaila had to move her cow out of the trailer (the coop) so that I could put the chickens in there. She was so worried about her cow being outside!!! If he would be ok!! I told her he is a cow he can't stay in a little trailer all his life so she brought out and tied him to the tree over by the garden we were working in. It was very fun to see him try eating fresh grass for the first time. He kept chasing the grass around with his tongue and he would lick it like a lollipop! We were of course laughing at him and he looked so sad and down. We gave him a little pep talk and when he first got ahold of his first grass and ate it he was so proud, he did his little cow smile. He sticks out his bottom teeth and it looks just like he is smiling! LOL This is Topher checking out the day, he is so funny because he would not come out of the trailer even if the door was left open. He is about to come out of the trailer and be tied to a tree and have some grass!

Here he is gettng his first day of freedom. I think it was harder on Mikhaila then it was on him

So now you see some of the stuff we have been up to. As always there is a ton of projects to do. We are slowly getting some of them done. I will post the raised gardens in another blog, those are coming long nicely. I will take some pictures of the plants now that they have had a good drenching.

Did I show you the slipper socks I finished for Mikhaila? I am not sure if I did on here or just on Facebook. Well these are my first socks and Mikhaila picked the color, I am proud that they are done, actually they were not that hard to do either!

I will talk to you soon. Have a great day. Here is todays challenge, go give something to someone. We all have things we do not need any more, or that we could do without. Go surprise someone with a gift. Why? Because you can. We are to be a blessing to others. Let me know what you did, and how you felt afterwards.