Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spooner Advocate Column May 31, 2012

Hello friends. I hope this finds you well rested from the holiday weekend. Did you see friends and family? Do anything fun? Whatever you did I hope you had a great time.

The weather has been a bit of a challenge, however the breeze today is wonderful! Everyone of the animals here are laying in the yard, guess they are happy it is not so hot and sticky as yesterday.

I want to thank the Hayward Lions for such a great breakfast on Sat. The pancakes were yummy! Why is a meal even better when you don't cook it? Thanks to all the volunteers that made the breakfast go off without a hitch. Thanks again to the Service men and woman.

Thanks also goes out to the Indianhead Woolgathers Fiber Guild in Rice Lake. Thank you Deb for having us out to your farm, you and the ladies did a wonderful job sharing your talants with the community. The sheep were so cute, the projects were fun, everybody enjoyed themselves! Now i want a spinning wheel even more, and of course more sheep! I look forward to shearing the one sheep I have, will have to make something special with his fleece.

 Welcome to the descendants of Ludvig and Ingeborg Neste! Every year John and Judy Neste informed me the descendants of Ludvig and Ingeborg Neste come back to the Springbrook area the weekend of Memorial day to remember those that have passed. This year, the descendants of the Neste family- who homestead in this area in the 1890's, were more than 80 people! This is such a wonderful tribute to Ludvig and Ingeborg Neste, their eight daughters and one son: Anton Neste, Christina- Neste Titus, Helga- Neste McNitt, Anna- Neste Gaynor, Mary- Neste Bonoesho, Effie- Neste Blix, Alice- Neste Mockler, Emma- Neste Donatell-Bushey and Julia- Neste Schmitz and all their descendants. Thank you for coming back to this area, for remembering your ancestors. I am sure that Ludvig and Ingeborg would be proud of each of you! 
Our prayers go out to the folks who own and work at the gas station in Trego. I am so sorry you had a fire, I pray that all works out good for all of you. Thats it for this week. I am writing this on a phone! I need a computer of my own as my daughter has her laptop with her! Send me your news and some recipes to share with the readers-

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spooner Advocate Column May 21, 2012

Hello there neighbors.Have you enjoyed all the rain that we have been having? Things sure have greened up around the area. However, with all the burning bans that are still on, please be careful. Just because the trees or grass look green does not mean there are not brush piles, or dead foliage underneath them. Fires move fast and furious once lite so lets error on the side of caution.

Farmers Markets will be starting soon. The one close by that I have info on is Stone Lake, they start May 24th from 2-6 pm. I guess the market is setup between Lakes Co-op and the railroad tracks. Any questions give Pam a call 715-865-5082. If anyone has a contact or info on the Farmers Market in I believe its Earl please let me know. It would be nice to have some other options. Remember to support the Farmers Markets, get to know where your food comes from, how it s grown. While you are there say thanks to the Farmers, Producers, Bakers- whatever they call themselves they are important folks to our community as well to the state of Wisconsin!

Are you a rose person? Some people are rose people-they know 'em, grow 'em, mulch 'em, baby 'em. We all know the people that have gorgeous roses and we wonder how they do it! Then there are some of us who want to grow roses, think they are beautiful but are not going to remember the scientific name or when they first showed up in someones garden! I love wild roses, to me they are a wonderful hardy plant that are usually out of control, growing like a weed, with a ton of flowers! I love climbing roses- I would build a ton of trellis all over the yard just to b able to sit under the climbing roses! I came across The Antique Rose Emporium and thought it was interesting and thought I would share their website with you- They have a great story, also looks like they sell you an antique rose f that is what you are shoppin' for! Another site that has some educational videos for pruning your trees or roses would be I have looked at both of these sites to see what is out there, maybe you know some better sources. I would love to hear about them if you do. I would like to make rose-hip jelly at some point in my life, that means I need roses. If you are a professional rose grower that would like to pass on your knowledge please let me know.

Sheep and Fiber Day is right around the corner. May 27, 1:00-4:00 pm, Adults 5.00 and children free. Location; The Tetzlaff Farm 2072- 23rd Street, Rice Lake,Wi. They will be having demos on shearing, spinning, weaving, wool preparation, felting, knitting. Project stations on felting, knitting, weaving, drop spindle spinning. There will be handcrafted items for sale, I have seen some of the ladies stuff and I absolutely love the felted crocks someone made! It sounds like a great family day, who wouldn't love to go to see animals on a 129 year old working farm! Questions- Deb- 715-234-3595 or Gina-715-434-4715.

I drove by the store in Springbrook. It is looking beautiful! They are really doing a nice job on it! Not sure when they are opening for business but I look forward to doing business there.

Until next time have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Be safe, enjoy the time spent with friends and family, opening up the cabin, or planting the garden- whatever you do on this weekend. If anyone goes out to Fort Snelling say hi to my dad Richard T. Lampert, I miss him. Thank you to all the men and woman that have served this country- you are the best! There are not words that can express the gratitude I feel for you and your families, what you have sacrificed. Thank you for what I take for granted at times - my freedom!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sheep and Fiber Day! Sunday May 27,2012

Hello there! Here is another event that I think would be a great day spent with family, learning something new and FUN!!! I try to get events on here so that people that live locally can attend them. Please call them if you have questions or if you would like to let them know how many folks are coming- it doesn't say to RSVP but as we all know its nice to have enough  stuff put together if large groups are expected. If you can't make it to the event I am sure they could sell you some great products- please remember to support LOCAL and especially Small farm, home, cottage businesses. Whatever you label it- its the smaller folks that really are pouring their heart and soul into their business. I have seen some of the things these ladies have created and they are awesome! I really want a pair of the felted crocs!!! Of course some new yarn would be awesome too!

Sheep & Fiber Day!!
Sunday May 27, 2012
1:00-4:00 pm

Visit a working 129 year old homstead farm and see how yarn is made from shearing the sheep to making a finished product!

Adults- $5.00                         Children: FREE

*Sheep shearing                    * Wool Preparation                * Felting
* Spinning                              * Weaving                            * Knitting

Project Stations
* Drop Spindle Spinning          * Simple Weaving        
* Simple Knitting           *Felting

- Project Stations include FREE take-home items
- Fiber guild members will have handcrafted items for sale

The Tetzlaff Farm
2072- 23rd Street
Rice Lake, WI 
from main street, Rice Lake, turn East by the pawn shop, 3 1/2 miles East on County C, turn South on 23rd Street, 1/4 mile to the Tetzlaff Farm

Deb Tetzlaff  715-234-3595 or 715-651-7184
Gini Baker     715-434-4715

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spooner Advocate Column- May 17, 2012

Good Morning-
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Did you get out in the garden and plant something? Maybe you have your garden already in. Whatever you had planned the weather sure was awesome for it!

I received some wonderful gifts from a friend on Sunday- raspberries and strawberries! It was fun to go see Sue and her husband Gaylin and we always have a great visit and we love see her animals. It was nice to just be able to be outside, visit and soak up the sun. Her raspberries and strawberries are very healthy looking plants! Now I just have to figure out where to plant them and put up some fencing- otherwise the goats, geese and chickens will take them out!

Hunt Hill had a great turn out for their Praire Fling on Saturday( 5-12). It was our first time being out there, what a fun day! They had all kinds of things to do, food to buy, dancers, community tables, nature education. We hiked in and visited all the tables and listen to some great speakers on various topics. W had to eat there of course- Louie's Fine Meats out of Cumberland was the supplier of the brauts and dogs- YUM is all I can say!I would highly suggest getting your kids or grandkids involved with nature- there are so many opportunities in our area! Hunt Hill  has a bunch of programs for the coming months- check out their website and see what you can get plugged into.

We have been making dandelion jelly here. The flowers go for the jelly, the stems to the rabbits and pigs and the leaves have gone into a very tasty salad. I think my daughter had had a salad everyday since we started picking! She loves her wild dandelion salads or spinach salads!  I had to pick up some staples so while down in Barron I went to th Country Lane Market and Pantry- you can buy staples like flour and sugar- they have a TON of spices! I picked up my pectin, yeast, flax seed, some pumpkin seeds and various spices and some other odds and ends. I have alot of friends that shop there and go to the farmers market which is also held there. You can check out there website- and sign up for notifications on what fresh fruits that they are offering. I know I have to put some cherries up this year as I am all out and cherries are wonderful on a cold winter morning! If you know of another bulk store that I should check out please let me know. If you want to go to the Farmers Market, it will be starting up June 21st, Thursdays between  2-8 pm and they have between 60-80 vendors! Any questions- 715-637-5367  Well I have to  go eat my dandelion salad I hope you are eating fresh food from your lawn too!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Good morning friends! I hope this finds you enjoying the weather- it is sunny here with a nice breeze, the birds are talking and flying around the yard. It has been wonderful weather all weekend! 
What are you planning on doing this today? Are you spending it with your Mom? Maybe you are doing something in honor of your Mom. Maybe you ARE a mom and are being pampered! Whatever it is have a fabulous day my friend! Remember you are loved and appreciated!
This year I was Super Surprised... Mikhaila had heard on the radio that a store Diamond Designs by Botus in Rice Lake was giving away a couple mother and child pendant necklaces. The kids had to write a letter about their mom, what was so special about them. Then they were entered in a drawing for the necklace, the winners had their letters up in the store all week for folks to look at. Well Mikhaila won the contest in her age group! 
This is the letter she submitted:
Why my mom is so special..
My mom is special because of the tireless determination she has to give me the best opportunities. She's sacrificed weekends, and sit-down meal-times to drive me to 4-H , and food fairs and conferences and sports. She even lets me try my hand at any new animal project we can handle, becausee she's caring. So caring! She even tries to save the moths and butterflies that my cat catches.
My mom's fiery, and so enthusiastic about the smallest things, that you can't help to smile with her. She tries her very best, and has for my whole life.She does it on her own And it's so, so easy to take her for granted, because this is the way it's always been. My mom gives to me, our family, and takes little back.
So, even though laugh wrinkles grace her eyes more frequently, she's still as pretty to me as ever, because she's  the most important person I have. The only one. That is why she's special.

Was I crying when I read this??  I most definitely had tears in my eyes and was trying not to cry in a jewelry store! LOL D'Ann Bodis was very helpful  getting the necklace together. While she took care of everything we checked out some of the beautiful things that they to offer. I will be going there in the future for some beautiful jewelry! Here is where you can find them Diamond Desgn by Bodis . I have to say a BIG thank you for running such a great contest! I have never gotten such a great gift. 

Its hard to take a good picture of the necklace. It is really a nice gift. Plus I usually wear silver so what else could I ask for!

The box the necklace came in!

One again thanks to Diamond Design. A HUGE thank you to my beloved daughter for thinking of her mom! You are my world- and I am lucky to have you as a daughter!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spooner Advocate - May 8, 2012

Hello there neighbors! Are you enjoying how everything is greening up? The rain really has helped change the landscape to many different shades of green. The birds over here sure have been talkative, they are building nests, flying around and just really loud at times! They are so much fun to watch and listen too. Even on the cooler days the first thing I do is throw the windows open and  listen to the birds, I like in the evening to listen to the frogs - they have been loud too! I need to get a pair of binoculars and a bird book so that know what I am looking at- on thing I have learned is I always call the swallows Barn Swallows- that is where they always had their nest as a kid- however they really would be considered Tree Swallows! If you talk to the birders out there- they really know their stuff! I am by far just a novice!  I would like to be able to keep a record of what comes by each year- so far this year we have had Swallows and I believe Grackles but the happiest day was when the Eastern Bluebirds came! I really like bluebirds- so I hope they do put a nest in one of the birdhouses so that I have more around here next year! Friends have said they have hummers back as well as Orioles- I have not seen any of those, but would love some hummingbirds as they are another on of my favorites. I came across a very cool website- You can go on there and sign-up to be a monitor and collect data for them. The site has different things on there - live bird cams, a newsletter, and some stats on different birds. It is worth checking out! Do you have some birding sites to let me know about. Or if you know som info on what kind of binoculars I should look for let me know!

While I am talking about outside things, who out there canoes or kayaks? Canoeing is one thing I really want to learn how to do. I should have learned how to do it years ago, however, its a new year and I plan on figuring it out! I really just have to get over my fear of wiping out in a canoe, hitting my head and being lost out in th woods not knowing where I am or who I am! Ok I have an over active imagination. So the first thing to do is get some information, we stopped over Namekagon River Visitor Center ( on Hwy 63, half mile east of Highway 53 in Trego), what a great resource we have in our area! The Ranger was awesome, she told us there was some great businesses in Trego that rent canoes or Kayaks, I am sure they would do lessons as well. She gave me a map of the Namekagon River and told us about some areas that would be easier to navigate, that had water that was not going to be too rough- so we can learn before we take on the harder areas! The Visitor Center has some displays to check out, a wonderful array of books, t-shirts and such. What a great idea to take Mom out for a hike and buy her something at the store! They even have a Junior Ranger booklet that you can ask for - it has activities in there that you do and check off and at the end when you turn it back in there is a gift to you. More info can be seen on It would really be a fun activity for the whole family- Mikhaila and I each got our own book to work on! If you want to check out the Namekagon River Center - Maybe we will see ya on the river!!

I heard from a former resident of Springbrook recently, her name is Judy (Reffue) Anderson. She wrote me a nice long e-mail talking about how she has enjoyed reading my column- this always surprises me, as too be quite honest, I feel as tho I am talking to myself and don't know if anything I am saying is connecting with anyone! LOL Judy says she went to the grade school in Springbroook and graduated from Spooner in 1966. She lived her early life in the wonderful stone house at the end of Lumbard Lane- which was so funny as I just had gone down that road the day before her e-mail and thought 'what a fantastic house!' Her father was a rural mail carrier and built a house out on Larson Lane, the house is no longer out there. Judy's mom played piano/organ for the Earl church. Seems like Judy does come up here to visit and see what is going on around the area she grew up in, she is excited to hear about the changes going on in Springbrook. I appreciate Judy getting a hold of me, it nice to b able to share a little of the Springbrook history with everyone.

Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary is having their Prairie Fling event this weekend- May 12, from 10-4pm. There will be food, music, some educational programs, artist booths, fun kids area, some community booths, tours, hikes and more! What a cool way to spend time with the family and especially mom! The cost $5.00/person Hunt Hill members and youth under 4 years old are free! More information or you can send an e-mail directly to

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spooner Advocat Column-April 4,2012

Hello to all of you. Are you cold today? This weather sure has been confusing hasn't it? I hope that with the Spring like weather you did not jump the gun and go plant a bunch of things outside. We did plant  some stuff but they are growing in a southern window in the house. Although we sprinkled some morning glories and sunflowers outside and we hope they will come up when they get warm enough!

Marilyn sent me a great picture of the old store in Springbrook! I believe that is the same grocery store that is getting redone on 63. I could be wrong and please correct me if I am. It sounds like once upon a time there was two grocery stores. Was Springbrook that big at some point? What happened? I would love to hear the stories. I like history, and antiques and all the stories that get handed down! I think it would be great if we could revisit some of the local  history - especially for us that now call Springbrook our home. So if you have information on a business,  a farm, a famous person that came through here or whatever that you would like to share please let me know. I will write about it in the column and we can all get some great conversations going and learn about the area.

The turkeys are out in full swing! The toms are just awesome to see with their tails all fanned out and hanging with the hens. We saw some turkeys go flying through the tall pines and I just had to laugh because that must be a rush for them birds to fly through the tall pines and not hit a branch or a tree trunk! They sure are beautiful!

Earth Keepers Club has a great day planned for April 28 from 12:30-4:30, out at the Jacoby place. Various activities are planned that all sound awesome- story-telling, how to make bricks, touring their house! If you are planning on coming or need further information call Shari at 715-635-7811 or They will need a head count for refreshments so please let them know how many of you will be coming to this family event.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Make an Apron for a Haitian Woman!

 This really is an awesome opportunity! So go dig through your stash and see what you can make to send a lovely lady in Haiti! Send me a picture too!

It is unlikely that the average Haitian woman will ever receive anything that is special and pretty, something just for herself. Daily life for the Haitian woman is grueling and backbreaking. Most have to carry 5-gallon buckets of water on their heads from miles away. Cooking is done in a pit in the ground from handmade charcoal. The few pieces of clothing they have are washed in the river and hung to dry.

To receive something as precious as an apron made with love from pretty new fabrics would go a long way in making a Haitian women feel special. We would love for you to join us as we sew and collect aprons for the women of Haiti!

Guidelines for Project Apron:
--Pretty-but-practical full or half aprons (nothing too frilly, ruffly or lacey)
--Washable fabrics only please
--Pockets are a plus
--You may include a handwritten note with your apron if you like. Someone will be available to translate when we deliver the aprons

--Please send all aprons to:
3333 Benton Road
Cedar Hill TN 3703

Again, the deadline for this project is May 31, 2012, so you can still have plenty of time.

Spooner Advocate- May 3, 2012

Good Morning Neighbors!
I hope this finds you having a wonderful Monday morning. It is grey out there but maybe you have something to keep you busy in the house. I came across a sign on Facebook and  the quote said " Happiness is a Choice "- that hit me as a good reminder that how we act or react to a situation is a choice. We can choose to be happy instead of mad or sad- it is a mindset and we CAN control it. Whatever you do this week I hope you choose to find happiness in doing it.

My daughter went to the Sustainable Living Fair last week at LCO Community College and had a great time! She learned a lot about pollinators for the garden, came home with seeds, met wonderful like minded people. Mikhaila is a "food girl" she would love to write articles on food! She went on and on about the Chef that was up there doing demos and how they got too eat wonderful food that people entered in the food contest- Congrats to Mary Ellen for winning for her Acorn Squash bread it was very good! She was very impressed with all the things she learned, tried and was able to make. A big thanks to LCO Community College and all the people that came to share their knowledge- you did a fabulous job!

On Saturday we went over to the Jacoby residence in Trego as they were having an Earth Day Celebration with the local 4Hers. What a great group of people! The kids as well as the adults learned about  solar panels , toured their house made with straw as the insulation and were told about the history of different cultures that have used and are currently using solar energy. I have to say it was quite interesting to see, hear and look at all the ways that the Jacoby's have made their house sustainable with solar power! What can you do to begin cutting down on your energy usage? One thing you can start with is turning off lights that you are not using, also if you have south facing windows open those curtains- you would be amazed at all the heat curtains block out! I will be putting a list together for next weeks column so that you can find contacts to get products that will help you start saving money! I met some wonderful people Sandy Lyonn- Thanks for reminding us of Gaylord Nelson! Skip Jones- thank you for the great music and stories. These two really reminded us that we are all responsible for our earth, our community- together we can achieve great things! We need to be active and through even small things we do we will see change! Thanks to Teresa for running an organic dairy in Sringbrook! I am glad you wanted to be a farmer! The food was great! I really LOVED the cornbread! Thank you for all the hard work it took to get ready for the day- you all did a fabulous job!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spooner Advocate Column 4-26-12

Good day Neighbors!
I hope this finds you enjoying the sun that is shining today. It was chilly this morning but the sun is warming things up. How is the turkey hunting going? I have to admit I have never had wild turkey. I have eaten other wild birds, they are delicous!! I hope all the hunters are doing well. Make sure you stay safe out there!

Hey all you gardeners.. has anyone around here ever hosted a plant or seed exchange? A friend just hosted one over in Prairie Farm and it sounded like a lot of fun. People brought seeds and of course perennials that need to be split or that people just do not want any more, and then they trade with folks forplants that they would like to try. I just thought it would be a fun way to meet other gardeners and be abe to share our love of plants. I know I need more plants and don't have alot to share- there are no plants outside my new house yet!  am always looking for plants of any kind. I think I got this from my Great Grandma Marie- she would take road trips to Missouri or back to Montana, wherever she went and would bring cacti home ( she kept them in a metal horse trough in the living room) plus I just remember her vast gardens! Her peonies were awesome!  So let me know if anyone would like to rehome some plants and maybe we could make a fun event out of it! Also if anyone has non- treated dandelions that they want to cut I would love to get them from you to make some jelly with!

I want to mention some family that have lost loved ones- please keep them lifted up in prayer.
Our sympathies go out to the Dorothy Shue family- Springbrook. She past away on Jan 12, 2012.
Our sympathies go out to the Gustav and Cindy Zittlow family- Trego. They past away April 6, 2012
If you have information on birth, death, wedding annoucements please let me know so I can put them in the column in a more timly fashion.

Tara Carlson contacted me and would like to let the community know that the work on the grocery store is moving along. Sounds like they are going to try and get  gas pumps and everything installed there! That will be awesome for the community! Aso she wanted to let people know that they also have the Community Center, in Springbrook. Town Meetings are held there the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Zumba classes are currently held there on Tuesdays - more information can be obtained from Ronnie-715-520-7346 if you would like to join her for a class. Tara would like the Community to know that they are open to renting the buildiing out for meetings, receptions or whatever. We even talked a little about having a Farmer's Market over there- anyone interested? So if you have a need please give Tara a call at 651-983-2960. Lets really support businesses in our area, they really need us but our communities really need them as well!
Today (April 23) is World book Night. Now I have to admit we consume mass quantities of books over hereat my house! I had not heard of this event until I read about it in the Advocate over the weekend. So the gist of it is to get people- especially non-readers to read some great books! So people will be out all over the nation handing books out! How cool huh??  As I said I did not know about it or I would have ordered some books to hand out! But there is next year and for sure I will sign-up to do it. For more information here is the web-site Lets get a group together for next year!
That is what is going on in the neighborhood. If you have information to share with me please e-mail me at or call 715-766-2221. I am off to follow-up on a lead from Mr. Don Buckman.... yes I am keeping it a secret for now.
Have a great week. Why not go surprise someone with a random act of kindness? Mow a neighbors lawn, bake some cookies for someone- the possibilities are endless. It will make both of you feel wonderful!

This coming weekend!!!!!

Hey all you Writers or Want To Be Writers out there this is right up your alley! What better investment for you and what you love to do....writing? This sounds like it is going to be a wonderful Conference for all the seasoned writers as well as those just trying to get some pointers.
I know some of the folks that will be attending/ hosting this Conference and they are fabulous people! If you know a young writer this would be a great event to plug them into! What an investment into their future! I will always be grateful that Mikhaila has been able to really find some great support for her writing through the writers groups in the area. We both were blessed by getting to know Bernice Abrahamzon through the writer's group, her column in the Leader as well as her books. I am forever grateful to have met such a beautiful person!
If you have questions please contact my friend Denis- his info is at the bottom of the page.
If you can't go please check out and join so that you can stay plugged in. We have a ton of very gifted writers in the great state of Wisconsin!


Friday May 4th 1:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Saturday May 5th 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Siren, Wisconsin
Featuring: Presentations and conversations with
Wisconsin’s Poet Laureate - Bruce Dethlefsen
Authors – Anthony Bukowski, Carolyn Wedin and Carrie Classon.

Awards Ceremony for Annual Writing Contests

Book Fair

Displays by Writers from Northwest Region
Silent Auction

Sponsored by: Wisconsin Writers Association in partnership with Writers from The Northwest Region of Wisconsin.
For more information, please visit the website or contact:
L.J. Kottke  Website:
PO Box 05270 
Racine, WI 53408-52702

Denis Simonsen Website:
8851Waldora Rd
Siren, WI 54872