Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy belated Fourth of July!!

I am so sorry I did not get the post on here for the fourth of July.I sure hope each and everyone of you had a good, safe holiday! Why did I have problems not getting things posted??? Well let's sit down and have a cup of tea and I will tell you why?

We had high 90 degree days two days before the whopper of a storm rolled in!! I can not even tell you what the storm felt like when it came rolling in! First there was every yucky color in the sky,then  the winds were clocked at speeds going from 60-110 mph, could have been more. The trees were bent in half, I thought the branches were going to come through the window many times as the trees were just a whipping around. We had a huge dust storm, it looked like the history pictures back in the dust bowl era! The poor dog was out as it came up so fast we could not go out and get her, she did survive but had to have the dirt and all the leaves that were plastered on her washed off. It did end up raining some, but we did not get the hail that some areas got. Our willow tree in the back split in half and came uprooted so it is basically a goner. The tree is half in the garden, half on the ground. It of course was the shade for the pigpen, the cow, horse and the pigs were all under it and by God's grace nothing was killed. I will have to move the pigpen tho so they have some shade again. Of course the electricity went out so we were out of power only friday and some of Sat, there are still some areas up here that have no power. It was freaky to go outside or look outside and there were no lights anywhere. Talk about feeling isolated! Mikhaila and I went to bed early friday night.
Saturday we spent alot of time outside in the shade as it was cooler out there then in the house. I did get some knitting done.  We got electricity in the afternoon, which made us both happy as we were still packing for her to go to Mexico! I still had to do laundry. Sat night we went to the Wilderness Fellowship and listened to some great music!! The Ottersons were back to sing for the holiday weekend, the Wilderness Fellowship had campers out there- not where I would want to be in a storm! Scary!! We had an awesome night with the Ottersons, O'Brians, Hersheys and other musicians that came to jam with them. It was a blast!! The only thing is I really want to play an instrument after going to things like this. I guess I need to get ahold of an instrument. It was a wonderful 3.5 hours! What a blessing they all are!
On Sunday we went to church and the kids and adults did a song that they are going to perform in Mexico. It is in Spanish and they also do sign language to it, they looked so sharp performing it. I am so proud of each of these kids and the four adults that went, they are such a blessing to all of us! We got Mikhaila's laundry done, thank God the electric was back up and running in the town  Frederic!
Monday I had to have Mikhaila at the church at 5:00 am so they could get loaded and get down to the airport to get on their 10:30 flight. They were all really excited to be going. I got choked up when they left but am very proud that I did not cry and embarrass my daughter. After that I came home and did all the animal chores, threw the dogs and her puppies in the car and headed up towards Alexandria, MN. I had a great time at my Aunt Bonnies house, they had a full house of people and dogs! My Aunt Donna was up from Texas and my Cousin Leo was over from the Dakotas, my cousin Trinity was up from Utah with his family. We had a great time hanging out, eating, talking and lots of fireworks to watch. The next morning I went to a good friends and hung out with her, we got to just hang out one on one- that never happens. My dogs and her dog got along good, we watched tv, talked and ate. Another great time!
Please check out my book review page. It is listed on the right hand side under the heading pages. I am sure as I get more reviews up there that something will spark your interest, remember reading gives your brain a good workout, it also gives you something to chat with others about.
Now that you are all up to date on what has been going on here I will leave you with this....I hope all of you are healthy, happy and appreciate your family, friends, what you have. It could all be taken away tomorrow-