Friday, November 6, 2015

Spooner Advocate- Springbrook/Trego Column- November 5, 2015

Good morning. As I traveled into Hayward this morning it was sort of sunny at my place and then it was sprinkling heavy in Hayward! Guess I just can't get away from it! LOL It makes me a little sad to see all the trees looking so naked! Its great that all the pine, evergreens don't lose their color. I look forward to moving into the coming season, its a time to regroup, look back and be grateful, look forward and be hopeful. As most of the earth takes a rest and renews itself  I would like to think the same thing should apply to us humans as well. How about making some small goals, read an extra book this winter, learn to knit. Maybe do some much needed cleaning and purging...this could be belongings but it may apply to yourself as well. Set some goals for the coming year. Personally I will be looking for the next step in my college career for 2016. I want to knit  more and SPIN MY OWN YARN! I want to travel to Canada! I want to spend an entire weekend on Madeleine Island! I want to bead more items and hopefully sell some of the items that I have made. I want to learn to fish, got to get the gear and I want to target practice- need a gun! So sit down and take a couple minutes to write some ideas down, then go forth and have fun with it!
NW Graziers Fall Conference on Sat Nov 7th at the Spooner Ag Research Station. Registration is required by Weds Nov 4th The cost is $20 for the meal. For more information and to register please give the Ag agents-Otto or Kevin a call at 715-635-3506
Went to the Tweed Museum of Art on Friday and first of all what a lovely gallery! I would highly recommend going if you haven't already. Mikhaila, her friend Sarah and I all went to a fashion show that was just spectacular!  This was such a beautiful, informative and inspirational show I can't even explain all the ways that it touched me. The work that went into these pieces of clothing is just spectacular! They are each a work of art unto themselves! I suggest that you go check out the website Be prepared to be moved by the beauty, the history, the talent that went into each of these pieces! Chi-miigwech to Delina White, Lavender Hunt and Sage Davis for your vision, all the other helpers and creators of the clothing/jewelry and to the graceful models. You are all an inspiration!
Now is the time to get some calls made to set-up plowing and shoveling for the winter. Plan ahead so that you are not snowed in, unable to get out. Also stick some blankets, a jacket, some boots, hats and gloves in the car so that you are ready if the weather changes while you are out. Do you have a broom, ice scraper in the car? How about the shovel and sand or ice melt by the door?? Get things together now before the snow flies!!
"Surprised By Joy " An Exhibition of Painting by Terry Millikan is in last week at the Lizzards Art Gallery & Framing. These oil paintings are on display until November 7, 2015. For more informatio9n please contact Lizzards at 218-722-5815 or the gallery is located at 11 West Superior Street in Duluth, MN.
If anyone is missing a goat please feel free to call me. I had a neighbor bring over the goat being he found it walking down Co Hwy A. I am glad that the neighbor to the time to bring the goat to my house as I sure wouldn't have wanted it to get hit. I am sure someone must be missing their goat so please call and give me a description of it. If the owners are not found than it will just stay here at my house, Snickers needs a friend.
Happy Birthday goes to all those that were born in November! You have an awesome month as everything is going to sleep for the winter months, but we still have plenty of fall days to enjoy, plus we gained an hour! Hugs! Happy birthdays go out to my Auntie Cheryl. Love you! Remember you are special and we love you! 
If you would like to get information on LCO Extension classes please give Amber Marlow a call at 715-634-4790 x 156. Also ou can find them on Facebook at Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College Extension.

Put it on your calendar:

November 5-6 2015 18th Annual Farmer Cooperative Conference in Minneapolis, Radisson Blu Hotel. For more information please give the Ag agents-Otto or Kevin a call at 715-635-3506.
Art Exhibit at the Tweed Museum of Art, Studio Gallery at the University of MN- Duluth. VOID by Sam Fiedler. November 10th-15th. Opening reception November 10, 2015 from 4-6pm.Questions 218-726-8222
Northwinds Book and Fiber Crochet a Cowl- Monday November 9th 5-8 pm Class fee of $15. Please give them a call at the store to register and get the supply list you will need.  715-635-6811 or


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