Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Spooner Advocate- Springbrook Column November 27,2014

Good morning! We are experiencing snow once again! It is so strange as yesterday it was all melting and leaving puddles everywhere! I hear people have been having luck finding deer out there! Please stay safe! 

I hope each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. There are some of us who celebrate a harvest celebration as well. Which ever holiday you celebrate take a moment and share what you are thankful for. I believe in today's busy, hectic, self-centered world we often lose track of what we are really blessed with. We often take things for granted. Please remember that its the little things in your life that really matter the most- time spent with family, a good cup of coffee on a cold winter morning, warm food to put in your belly, a dog that is happy to see you at the end of the day. Be grateful for all that you have been gifted. I am grateful for my health, my daughter, my farm, my animals, rain and snow that will bring forth new life in the spring, other gardeners and seed keepers that are my friends. The wonderful man in my life, many dear friends, hot coffee, warm blankets! Be safe during the holiday break!

I want to wish all the hunters out there good luck! Please be careful and really pay attention to your surroundings and who and what is around you. I already hard of someone that fell out of their stand because of faulty equipment and someone who shot a bow hunter cuz he thought he was a squirrel. Check your equipment before you need to use it and replace it if faulty. Know who is around you and know what you are shooting before you shoot.  Have a successful hunting season! Fill those freezers up! 

Art Market 63 is having their $10/10% Holiday Sale Event on Saturday December 6, 2014 from 10-4. They are located at 42790 Highway 63 in Cable, WI. Sounds like they will have some lovely art for $10 or you will be able to take 10% off other items that are not on sale. If you have questions they can be reached at 715-413-0927 or

Do you know anyone that would like to get their GED? Maybe its you that would like to get your GED and go on to take some college classes. Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College is both a place where you can study for your  GED as well as test for it. f you would like more information please call 715-634-4790 and ask for Nicole.

Strange request but if there are any hunters or trappers out there that do not want their hides, bear fat, feathers, tallow etc please let them know I would be interested. I use various things in soaps, lotions and beaded items. Also anyone have any porcupine quills. I appreciate any help!
Happy birthday to all the people in November!  Happy birthday to each one of you- you are special! November folks- have a beautiful day and remember we love you! Hugs!
I know that there HAS to be some events going on out there! Please let me know!

Please remember that I would like any information from all of you of what is going on! This is your column ! Any garage sales, church functions, raffles etc? Let me know- thank you!

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