Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Christ In You,Why God trusts you more than you trust yourself- by Eric B Johnson

Christ in You: Why God Trusts You More Than You Trust Yourself

At times reading a religious book can be hard. You feel that you don't quite hit the mark. Or you think that you are so  far away from where you should be that you will never make it to the first base of life! Sometimes what we need is a book that is just written so we can read, understand and apply it to our lives.

Reading this book has really brought a lot of questions to mind. I think its good to get out of our comfort zone and really look at ourselves, our religion, what God wants us to be. It is good to questioned what we are suppose to be doing and how we are suppose to do that. 

I found this book to be "real". Something that I wanted to read and work on. Not someone telling me this is how it needs or has to be done. I like that there are questions as it makes me think. Makes me wonder if there might be others ways of living my life, gives me a different perspective.

I would recommend checking out this book. See what it has to offer you. See how things can change in your life.

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