Thursday, July 9, 2015

Friends of the Bird Sanctuary host the Bountiful Barrens Fest on July 15, 2015

Friends Of the Bird Sanctuary

Bountiful Barrens Fest!!!

When: Wednesday, July 15, 2015, 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

Where: Douglas County Wildlife Area, Just South of Solon
Springs, HWY 53, West on Cty. Hwy M. to Bird Road.

Why: The Barrens are waiting for you to enjoy!

3:10 Kick off: Douglas County Barrens Day Proclamation

3:20-8:00 Hikes into the Barrens With Local Experts: Birds,
Butterflies, Botany and Barrens Section of the NORTH COUNTRY
TRAIL* Hikes Leaving every 45 min.*

3:20-8:00 Presentations: Local History, Native American Culture,
Natural History of the Barrens, Fur Bearers and their Secrets,
Restoring the Barren Landscape in Wisconsin *Presentations and
Demonstrations Throughout the Event*

6:00- 7:30 Trail Riding! Bring your Horse and Ride along through
this remarkable landscape.

5:30- Picnic Supper with Friends and Neighbors. Barrens Burgers,
hotdogs and snacks provided.

9:00: Night Time in the Barrens: Wolf Howling, Star Gazing, Night

Get to know this Globally Significant Place in the
Northwest Sands of Douglas County, Wisconsin.

Hosted By Friends of the Bird Sanctuary and supported with a grant from
Friends of Wisconsin State Parks

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