Saturday, January 28, 2012

Swindoll's Insights on Revelation By Charles Swindoll

Charles Swindoll's Insights Book on Revelation is a great book to have on hand to answer all those questions that you or others might have about the end days and what to expect.
Mr.Swindoll breaks down the book of Revelation into readable and understandable writings. In so doing it makes it easier to delve into the Book of Revelation and really understand what is being said and not feel lost as sometimes can happen when reading really intense books of the Bible.
Mr. Swindoll has added charts and diagrams that really help those of us who are visual learners. The visual aids really help to make sure you really are comprehending what is being taught.
Mr. Swindoll also includes some of his own personal journal pages, I think this adds a personal touch that I really appreciate. It shows that we can learn so much from others and that even when we think that others have it all together, they are still facing similar issues as we are.
If you ever listen to Mr. Swindoll he likes to incorporate stories into his teachings I think this helps us connect to Mr Swindoll as a friend, a fellow believer. It helps connect us to God by being able to see a friend talking to us and not just a Pastor preaching at us.
I will look forward to reading the other Insight books as they come out.
This book was given to me from the Publisher, free of charge for posting my review of the book. This is my own personal review, I hope you take time to read the book.

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