Friday, January 27, 2012

Reclaiming Lily by Patti Lacy

This is a very touching book. It deals with some of the harder issues of adoption that arise especially from adopting from a foreign country. What have the children been through, what are the health and mental issues the children might have? Are there family members that might come after the kids at a later date and if so what are their purposes- to help the adoptive people or to reclaim family members?
In Reclaiming Lily the adoptive family are really struggling with their adoptive daughter with health issues as well as with her wondering where she comes from and why she was not wanted. The Pastor and his wife are trying to handle it the best way that they can with pray, understanding and just trying to show the daughter all the love that they can.
On the other side of the story the sister of the adoptive daughter is trying to find her. She has been looking as she was one of the sister that was left to take care of all the problems that arose with the family being torn apart in China. As the story flows from Lily and her current problems, the sister tells the story as to what happened and what decisions were made before the family adopt "Lily". She shows the hard decisions that her and the other sisters had to make as there world was torn apart at such an early age.
It is a very good story and shows that very hard life decisions can be made with all good intentions and yet issues can arise. I would recommend this story to people that have adopted as it does show the positive side of things as well as the reality that we all have a history and that history is not always beautiful and easily handled.
 This book was given to me by the Publisher free of charge, for posting a book review . This is my personal  book review on this book- I hope you read it.
Reclaiming Lily

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