Saturday, August 25, 2012

Spooner Advocate Column- August 16,2012

Good morning neighbors! What a cool morning, we have been having alot of that lately haven't we? There are days that it sure feels like Autumn, does that mean we are going to have a cooler fall than normal? A winter that comes sooner than I want? I do have to say I love autumn, it is right up there with Spring for me. Although I am not super fond of winter, it seems to go far longer than I like. Are you busy putting food up? I hope all your gardens are growing and producing lots of goodies. I have been busy canning and freezing as much as I can lately- it will be tasty in the cold months!

Hey everyone come out to the fair!! Sawyer County Fair is this week!!!  August 16-19, 2012-Hayward, WI. If you need to see a schedule of what is going on please go to their website . Please remember to support your local county fair, take your family and please go to the animal  auction. These people work hard at getting the exhibits together as well as showing some great animals!  Also please remember to support all the businesses that donate and sponsor the Sawyer County Fair, without them it would be hard to put on such a great fair.  If you are a volunteer, thank you for donating your time! Good luck to all the exhibitors. Have a great time at the Sawyer County Fair!

Remember to go on over to the Springbrook VFW  on Aug 17th Stacey Hughes- Not All Jazz will be at the VFW to sing for all of you. Grab something to eat and drink and have a good time with your neighbors. Not from Springbrook? Thats ok go meet some new friends and have fun!!! Remember by going to these events the VFW is able to support our community through donations to places like the Washburn County Food Shelf. Please go and show support for all the great work that the Springbrook VFW has been able to do.

Are you looking to meet up with some great gals? Do you like to quilt or are looking to get into quilting? Maybe you have some items that need to be finished and just need to schedule some time to sit down and get it all done. Please come to the Hayward Piecemakers Quilt Guild on September 10th from 10:15 until 8 pm. They meet every second Monday at the Sherman and Ruth Weiss Library in Hayward. If you have any questions please drop an email to the Guild at We would love to see all you quilters out there at the next meeting!

I have to say I have been enjoying seeing all the turkeys that are out walking around with their young. Seems like a great hatch rate over by us. We have seen two hens with about 17 chicks and one hen with about 9! I am sure that will make the hunters happy to hear. Please remember if you are a hunter to talk to the people that own/ live on the land. When we took hunter safety it was stressed to have a good relationship with the people that may come in contact with the dogs you are running or the animal you are hunting. I have to say it makes me nervous to have 5 pick-ups outside my door waiting for the dogs that are running in the woods behind my house. Lets all be safe, conscious of others and have a great hunt!

Please remember due to elections  the regular board meeting for the Town of Springbrook  will be held on Tues. August 21st at 7 p.m. at the Springbrook Community Center.

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