Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spooner Advocate Column- August 2, 2012

Hello there neighbors!

Did you get to the Washburn County Fair? Did you have fun? Congrats to all the exhibitors and people that had animals to share with everyone! You guys are all winners just for taking the time to learn something new and to share that with people you don't even know. Just think you may have inspired someone to garden, sew, or paint. That is an awesome thing if you think of it! Have you started working on things for next year? How about trying something new to you? Go on get out of your comfort zone and try something new.... I double dog dare you. =)

Remember to get your entries in for the Sawyer County Fair- August 16-19,2012-Hayward, WI. All registrations need to be in by August 3rd- that is THIS friday!! Got questions, need registration paperwork? Go to the website Please remember to support your local county fair, take your family and please go to the animal  auction. These people work hard at get the exhibits together as well as showing some great animals!  Also a big thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers- you are all awesome!

Remember to go on over to the Springbrook VFW on Friday August 3rd. They are having Karoake with Les Mallard from 7 til at least 9, maybe 10. Go alittle early and have a cool drink and something to eat. Coming up on Aug 17th Stacey Hughes- Not All Jazz will be at the VFW to sing for all of you. Remember by going to these events the VFW is able to support our community through donations to places like the Washburn County Food Shelf. Please go and show support for all the great work that the Springbrook VFW has been able to do.

During my busy schedule I was able to go see the Piecemakers Quilt Show on Friday night. I met some lovely ladies that belong to the Piecemakers Quilt Guild. They were super sympathetic as I was having one of those days with work, a farm and a 15 year old daughter.... need I say more? So I was SO HAPPY that there was a quilt show as that is pretty cheap therapy! I got to see some of my favorite ladies Kathleen from Heartlight Quilt Shop in Ladysmith as well as Sandy from Bolts of Fun in Thorp! I have to say it was a great quilt show, lots of beautiful projects! I was very inspired by these beautiful hankie quilts a lady did in remembrance of a loved one.  I have some hankies from my grandma that I want to put into something, there is only acouple so this gave me an idea on how to maybe do a smaller project with them. Although I do want to do a butterfly quilt and that I will need alot of fancy old time hankies for..... Does anyone have any that they would like to share with me? Piecemakers meets at the wonderful library in Hayward on the second Monday at 10:15 until 8 at night. That means the 13th will be the next meeting, how about coming to meet with some other quilters? If you have something to share please bring it or if you are having a problem with a project I am sure you can get some help from these knowledgeable woman.  To become a member of the Piecemakers Quilt Guild all it takes is $15! If you need any questions answered please drop them an e-mail at I hope to meet some new friends at the next Guild meeting! Thanks to all the volunteers that donated time, items to sell! Thanks to wall the vendors for coming up to supply our fabric habit! Thanks to all the quilters- you are all so talented!!

If you have events, news , announcements etc to share please drop me an e-mail
Have a wonderful week!

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