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Crex Meadows- Benefit Dinner, October 13, 2012

I just wanted to get this information out there for all you fans of Crex Meadows. If you do not know, or have never been to Crex Meadows please check them out at Crex Meadows . I know this was sent too me this morning and so there is still an opportunity too go. Please support this wonderful natural resource.

The Friends of Crex invites you to the 3rd annual
Land Acquisition Fund Benefit Dinner
Saturday, October 13, 2012,
6:00—9:00 PM
At the Crex Meadows Wildlife Education and Visitor Center
Join us for the cocktail hour at 6pm, followed by dinner at 7pm.
Dinner will includehomemade bread, salad, grilled chicken, wild rice pilaf, green beans and pie.

Our speaker for the evening is Darby Nelson, freelance
writer and conservation activist. He received his Ph.D. in
aquatic ecology at the University of Minnesota and taught
biology and environmental science at Anoka-Ramsey
Community College for 35 years. He also served three terms
in the Minnesota state legislature. He will speak about his
book, For the Love of Lakes. In the tradition of Aldo
Leopold’s seminal work, A Sand County Almanac, For Love of Lakes focuses on the lakes, ponds, and waters outside your very home and the intricacies of these  ecosystems.

Tickets for this dinner are $50 per person. There is a limit of 70 seats.The registration deadline is October 5, unless we fill up early.
Name(s) _______________________________________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________________________________
City ______________________________________ State ___________ ZIP ________________
Phone ______________________ Email ____________________________________________
___ I/We will attend. # People ______ Enclosed is $ ____________ ($50/person)
___ I/We would like to make an additional donation of $ ___________ to the Land Acquisition Fund.
___ I/We cannot attend, but I would like to donate $ ______________ to the Land Acquisition Fund.
Please make checks out to Friends of Crex. To pay by credit card, please call us at 715-463-CREX .

Crex Meadows: not all public land
When Crex Meadows was established in 1946, a Project Boundary was drawn around property that
would create the most effective and productive wildlife area. At the present time the DNR owns
28,259 acres of the 31, 094 acres that lie within the project boundary. The DNR has made a continuous
effort to purchase remaining private land as it becomes available, but for a variety of reasons
it is becoming more difficult for the DNR to purchase property.

Land Acquisition Fund:
The Friends of Crex has established a fund to help the DNR purchase key properties within the
boundaries of the Glacial Lakes Grantsburg Wildlife Areas (Crex Meadows, Fish Lake, Amsterdam
Sloughs and Danbury). To date, we have raised over $55,000 for Land Acquisition use. We need
much more than this in order to achieve all of our Land Acquisition goals.

How it works
A variety of methods have been and will be used to help the state obtain critical lands. The funds
may be used as collateral to obtain Stewardship grants and grants from other organizations to
purchase lands that would be donated to the WI-DNR. The funds may also be used outright to
purchase land, with the understanding that the WI-DNR will eventually purchase these lands from us.

You can “Own” Crex Meadows
The original land at Crex Meadows cost the State of
Wisconsin $30 per acre. Each donor who gives $30 or
more will receive an honorary deed to current Crex
Meadows property (at the current average rate of
$1500/acre, $30 would “buy” 870 square feet) which
will include coordinates to your property.
Any donation of $30 or more (NOT including your dinner
reservation), qualifies for a land deed. Please
specify on your donation how you want your name
displayed on the Land Deed.

Thank you for your donation
and for your continued and generous support of all the
efforts of the Friends of Crex

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