Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Try- it Tuesday! - October 16,2012

Hello there folks, sorry I haven't been around to chat with all of you. There has not been enough time in the day for me to get all the things I need or would like to get done... done.

For those that don't know I am currently carrying 18 credits- the classes, Native American History, Native American Culture, Composition, Native American Beading, Native American Yarn Bag Weaving, Intro to Higher Learning. I attend at LCO Community College , very nice College and not too far from my house. I have received only one B. all the rest are A so far, so I am doing pretty good. =) I don't talk about grades with anyone other than my daughter especially since this week and part of next week we are working on Mid-terms! ugghhhhh

That means time Management at our house though! I am trying to instill this in my own daughter as it was never really taught to me. I have to say that I am learning alot of things this semester that I did not know before, guess that I am getting my monies worth huh??

So today I am going to share my Try-It....besides going back to school carrying 18 credits... my Try-It is my beading. Now I have beaded before but not since I was young have I done any Native American beading. So here we go.......

Bad picture but it was taken with the phone. These are two pairs that I have finished, iof course I finished the other brown and gold after I took the picture. I did the orange/blue with a different fringe than I have been trying to do on others, they turned out to my liking. Also used some bugle beads in the fringe on the brown/gold and I really like them as well. Thank goodness that Cleo White, my teacher gave some pointers on the fringe as I was really not liking how they were turning out at all before!

So Mikhaila came with me a week ago (friday) to beading class and we were learning the fancy zigzag pattern. So she made a sample and then got one earring almost done in class. After I got home the next day she wanted to know if I wanted to see what she made....... yup all done! Love that color!!

Her stictches are perfect. She really did an amazing job on this!

So the red/blue and the peach/green on the left were my samples of the zigzag stitch. the pink/blue are done, but I did not like the fringe on them so over the weekend I ripped them out and redid them. Will have to post a different picture later.

So I ripped out the pink/blue and liked them so much better that I also ripped out the red/gold too. I redid the red ones and they are awesome now! I still have to finish the green pair. Oh yes I even took the plung and burned off all the strings- there are no knots holding these together! I was paranoid as I thought I would set the whole thing on fire! LOL

Close-up of the samples we do before ever starting the earrings, or whatever we are going to make.

This was my sample of the fancy zigzag. I had started another one and did not like it so I ripped it all out and started over! Yes, thanks to knitting I can rip and redo and not be too concerned about it! I know myself well enough that if I do not rip it, it will bother me and I will not like it! Might as well just get it done right away!

I do like this color combo and I think I will make a pair with these colors. I was pretty impressed that the zigzag connected really nice in the middle. Also this pattern is way easier to do than the regular zigzag! I think this is a nice pattern to work on. 

Another bad picture, my camera is slowly going! I wish someone out there in camera land would send me a camera to try. I would do a whole blog on it! Well more than one blog as we are always taking pictures and posting things on here or Face Book! Anyway these are the rings we started on the first day of class, they are done on wire. The one on the right is a pattern I made up, the ring on the left is all done in one bead- they are half gold/ half red!!!

Last is the earrings that Mikhaila started in class, and finished the next day! I am really liking these! I suggested to use the mixed beads- the ones that come in the weaving kits all pre-packaged up. So I told her just pick some that you will use as dark and use all the rest as light. Very nice huh??

So any other beaders out there? Any Native American beaders out there? Hope you enjoyed my Try-It Tuesday project. Make sure you go over to Jo's Country Junction to see what others are trying.

Until next time, stay warm, wear a smile and be kind to your fellow humans!

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