Sunday, June 16, 2013

Spooner Advocate Column- June 13, 2013

Hello there neighbor- What great weather we had on Saturday! It was really a nice trip up to Ashland as Mikhaila had to take her ACT test at Northland College. It was fun just to go up and see the lovely town of Ashland. I got a bunch of homework done at the library while she was taking her test. Afterwards we walked around the Northland College Campus and just relaxed as it has been a very busy couple of weeks. I would like to congratulate all the Seniors that are now done with high school and moving on to college, or careers. Whatever you have planned for your future I wish the very best for you! All the other young people that are out of school please have a safe and fun summer. Enjoy spending time with family and friends. We all know summer goes by really fast, so enjoy! Happy Birthday to all those of you that have June birthdays. I hope you enjoy the sun and all the beautiful flowers, the flowering trees. Have a beautiful day and we love you! If there are people out there that have extra plants that they started and would like to share with others. Or would like to grow some plants for a garden please contact me. I will have some extra plants and if I don't, I know others that do have seeds or plants. Please share your extras with others and lets see what we all can grow! Mary Ann if you are resing this you are on my list to call- I apologize as I have been in the Bayfield and Ashland area working. I do appreciate you calling me and look forward to talking to you. Lac Courte Oreilles College Farm wants to let everyone know that they have FREE community garden plots still available at the farm. They are also still taking CSA memberships for this summer. The cost, $200 gets you 5/8 of a bushel of produce from the farm. This cost will guarantee you 12 weeks of fresh, local produce! The College farm also offers tilling for elders. Any questions can be direct to Todd Brier at or call him on Amber Marlow's line 715-634-4790 x156. The Sherman & Ruth Weiss Community Library have started their summer reading program. You can sign your Pre-K-4th graders up at the library. Its a great way to get kids to spend time reading! Reading can take you on an adventure as a cowboy, or be the first woman to fly a plane- it all can happen while reading a book! For more information please check out the website or give them a call at 715-634-2161. Go find a tree to sit under while reading a book.....let your imagination take you on a great adventure! LCO Community College has there class schedule up.... June 12- Chef Al at Elder Nutrition Site in Reserve at 11 am, June 13- Birch Bark Gathering from 4:30- 7:30 at the farm, June 14- Farmer's Market at the LCO IGA parking Lot from 9-2 pm. Please call Amber Marlow at 715-634-4790 ext 156 to register for any of the classes, you can also reach her at We would like to invite anyone interested in participating in the Farmer's Market to give Amber a call 715-634-4790 to register. The Farmer's Market is open from 9-2 pm, every Friday at the LCO IGA parking lot on Highway K. There is no charge to sell your produce/ products. We sure would love to see some new people at the Farmer's Market! Things to put on your calendar ... Wisconsin Farm Tech Days July 9-11, 2013. Held at Breezy Hill Dairy, 147 16th Street, Dallas, WI. They will be open 9-5 pm daily, further information . The 2013 Hayward Quilt Show is July 26-27 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Flat Creek Inn in Hayward. If you have questions or donations please contact I appreciate all of you reading the column. Happy Gardening!

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