Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spooner Advocate- Springbrook Column March 27, 2014

Good afternoon friends- Happy belated St. Patrick's Day. I hope everyone enjoyed some corn beef and cabbage sometime this week.I have been busy with  things to do in the house, like seed all the  plants for the Community Gardens on the 5 reservations as well as extra for the plant swap I am planning. I think the plant swap will be and of May first part of June. So I hope some other people are out there planting some extras so that they can come to the swap!

Anyone in the Earl area find a black female cat? She was in our car and escaped when we opened the door. This happened the weekend of the pie sale at the Earl Church. If you see a black cat with a little white on her chest, friendly please give me a call as we really miss Feather. Thanks in advance.

Went to the Green Skills Day in Prairie Farm! Learned a lot! Such talented people are out there. I also did a presentation on canning, seems to have gone over well enough! I was happy to have a day to spend with friends and some from my area Susan Kuha and Steve Kozak! Glad you guys made it down and I hope you had fun and learned something! Thank you to all the folks that volunteer their time and put this event together! You have not idea what a great event you guys put on! 

Went to the 11th Annual Indigenous Conference up on the White Earth reservation the weekend of March 13-16th. I presented on the work I do for the Community Gardens on the reservations. It was a great time of learning! Just want to say thank you to all the hard workers that put it together. Want to say a big thank you  to Zach for asking if I would present. It was great to share the vision we have for the different tribes over here. I was honored that you chose me my friend! Thank you to Winona LaDuke and the White Earth Tribe for having us.

Happy Birthday to all the folks born in March!  Happy Birthday goes out to my Aunt Bonnie Lutz-Good, Grandma Diane Cutt, my brother-Lutius Davis, both of my nieces Bailey McAlpine and Cheyenne Horner! I hope each of you have a wonderful day! I sure hope you do something fun and exciting, with friends and family for your birthday. Remember we love you!

Thanks to all that came out and went on the Apostle Island Ice Cave Tour! I heard that everyone had a good time.
I sure have heard a lot about all the visitors that they have had up there visiting. People from all over have been coming over to see them. I heard Brando, MN brought a bus load of people over to see them! Now that is a road trip! 

Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College has their Extension Program Calendar out for the month of Onaabani-giizis (March). March 29- How to bead- Bandolier bag series, room 305 from 10-2 pm, March 29- Youth Ruffle Scarf in room 306 from 10-3 pm, March 30- Winter Games at the College Farm from 10-4, April 2- Beading Circle in room 305 from 5-8pm, April 4 CPR-First Aid in the auditorium from 8:30-4:00 pm. Please give Amber Marlow a call at the college to register for a class, she can be reached at 715-634-4790 ext 156, or on  Facebook           
It has been fun to see some people that I know at the classes at the College. Maria Golden, and Susan Kuha comes to beading class! I like seeing you there!

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