Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spooner Advocate- Springbrook Column- March 6, 2014

Good afternoon friends- Cold weather is upon us again. Please be careful out there people. It is cold and not something to play around with. I am starting plants and have been getting asked by others if I would start plants for them, the answer is yes I can get things started  but I need to know what people want to plant. Send me a message if you need plants.

A big thanks goes to Wayne and Betty Tripp for helping me out all the time. You both are really the best neighbors I could ever ask to have around!  Sorry about having to borrow the car for various reasons! Also I will bring treats for Jake next time I come over!

Anyone in the Earl area find a black female cat? She was in our car and escaped when we opened the door. This happened the weekend of the pie sale at the Earl Church. If you see a black cat with a little white on her chest, friendly please give me a call as we really miss Feather. Thanks in advance.

Spring workshops being offered at Art Market 63March 6, from 11-3 A Taste of Stained Glass- Avis Rosenlund, $50.00.March 8, from 1-3 Scherenschnitt (or scissor cut)- Birgit Wolff, $25/30. March 15, from 10-12 Watercolor for Grades 7-10- Marilyn Higgs, $20.00. For a detailed description please go to their website. They have a current calendar up, you can register and ask questions. or give them a call 715-413-0927.

Happy Birthday to all the folks born in March!  So far this month has been cold! Happy Birthday goes out to Bonnie Lutz-Good, Diane Cutt, Lutius Davis! I hope you have all been really good so we get some warmer weather! I sure hope you do something fun and exciting, with friends and family for your birthday. Remember we love you!
Have a friend or family member that would be interested in the column? Maybe they live out of town? They can access the column on my blog on Thursdays, at .
 If you would like me to put something in the column-  send me your info to P.O. Box 172, Stone Lake, WI 54876-0172.  Did it come in like a roaring beast or what?? 

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