Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spooner Advocate- Springbrook Column- April 24,2014

Good afternoon friends- Sorry there wasn't a column last week. I was out of town for a conference and the internet was down the entire time I was down there in Green Bay! Everyone was really unhappy! We really do not recognize how connected we are to the computer and our phones or anything electronic until it is not working!

I hope everyone had a  wonderful Easter. I thought the weather was just lovely! Mikhaila cooked the whole dinner- I was so proud of her! She did a fabulous ham with the the glaze and the cloves, sweet potatoes, bean casserole, peanut butter pie and deviled eggs. All from scratch! I hope whatever you did that you had a wonderful day! I wish my Great Aunt Claudia would have made it to her birthday- she would have been 90 years old yesterday! I know she is in a better place, but it sure is hard on those of us that are left here. Happy Birthday Auntie!

I heard the frogs..... FINALLY! That means that Spring is here! The birds have come back to the farm- I am so happy when I hear them singing and see them bouncing around out there. It sure was a long winter friends and I am so happy that it has finally come to a close.

I hope that people are getting ready with their plants out there. Gardening season is right around the corner! I hope that there are some people out there planting some extra plants for the Spring plant swap! I haven"t set the date in stone yet but I would like for it to be somewhere around the 2 week of June. If you need to drop off plant or seedlings please let me know and I can pick them up.

Happy Birthday to all the folks born in April!  I hope each of you have a wonderful day, get to enjoy the warmer weather we are finally getting! . Remember we love you! 
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