Friday, June 27, 2014

Spooner Advocate- Springbrook Column for June 26, 2014

Good day friends-Went to the Sawyer County Dairy Breakfast this weekend. It was as good as always! Took Mikhaila with me and met our friends Karen and her daughter Austin, and Mikhaila's boyfriend Kaelan up there. Mikhaila has recruited her friends into the whole go to ever dairy breakfast that you can get too idea. Mikhaila really loves the dairy breakfasts that the communities put on and it has become our thing to do together. A big thank you to all the volunteers that put alot of work into making sure that the day goes off without any problems. Thanks also to all the sponsors and people who donated to make these events happen. Thanks to all the dairy folk out there and that includes sheep and goats! We appreciate all your yummy goodies! Happy dairy month! 

Does anyone else just feel like they are swimming in a circle? I feel like I have so much that I want to get done, so much that needs to be done. But I sure feel like I don't get anything done!Or at least I do not see as big of a result as I would hope to see. I think the weather has had a huge part in that with all the rain and cloudy days. Just seems like the summer goes whipping by and here I am with a whole list that seems to grow instead of get smaller!

So here is a question for all of you... who reads the Farmer's Almanac? Which one do you read? I usually go with the 
Old Farmer's Almanac from Robert B. Thomas, started in 1792. It seems like alot of people read and prefer this one. Any input on this? Why do people like this one better? Is it more accurate? I recently purchased the Harris Farmer's Almanac first published in 1692. I got it for the articles in it, also they did not have  the Old Farmer's Almanac. In the Harris almanac they had a great story about a dog that had been adopted from an animal rescue (he was recycled by getting a  new family) and then he has learned to pick up bottles and plastic to be recycled. It was a great story which always touches my heart as most of our animals are ones that have come to live with us after having other owners. Anyway if you want to go check out more on the dog in the article go to www.

Thank you for the call from the folks in Earl that may have seen our cat! I will be coming through there to see if I can find her. Cats are so elusive, they do not feel the need to check in and they have their own agenda!  If anyone could catch her that would be wonderful! LOL Any info, please give us a ring.

Happy Birthday to all the folks born in June! I remember growing up and always wishing my birthday was in a warm month! I thought it would be great to have people over for swimming and a cook out- this is kind of hard to do in February! I wish each of you a lovely day doing whatever makes you happy!   Remember we love you! Hugs to each of you! 
Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College has the calendar up for June classes. If you would like to  register for a class please call Amber at 715-634-4790 X156, or on email at Farmers Market EVERY FRIDAY, from 9-1pm at the IGA parking lot!!  June 18thCooking Healthy on a Budget, Cook Once Eat Meals all Week,College Kitchen from 5-8pm. June 25th-Irrigating your Garden and Organic Weed Control College Farm from 5-8pm. June 27th-Birch Bark Baskets at the College Farm from 5-8pm. June 28thRecreational GPS & Treasure Hunting College Farm from 3-7pm. 
If you would like to suggest a class  be held at the College please give us a call or drop us an e-mail. We would love to hear from you!

Please remember that I would like any information from all of you of what is going on! This is your column ok? Any garage sales, church functions, raffles etc? Let me know- thank you!

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