Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spooner Advocate- Springbrook/Trego Column, March 26, 2015

Good morning! Hope this finds everyone out there doing great. It sure is bright and beautiful out there! I am loving this weather I hope you are as well. 

Sorry the column has been a little sporadic lately. I have had quite the adventure with my heath lately. I do want to say a thank you to Mitch and David for the great care that they gave me in the ambulance on the way to Duluth. Thanks also to all the doctors and nurses that took care of me and ran ever kind of test imaginable on me. Thank you to Dr. Andrei in Hayward that removed my gall bladder and has put me on the road to feeling better. I have one more surgery this week and that will be the end of all this being lazy! I am the worse patient let me tell you! A Huge thank you goes out to the Barber/Johnson family for taking care of me, rides, taking care of the animals and well putting up with me being surly.

Thank you to all the people that worked on putting the New Ventures Gardening Seminar on this last weekend. You all did a wonderful job again! All the presenters were great. I have to say I really loved Pat Thomas talk on pollinators as well as our own local Mike Heim who showed great pictures of his wonderful plants! I learned alot and am pumped to get going on the garden. Thanks to the Spooner Garden Club for all the great desserts and helping out at the seminar-the garden cub meets the fourth Thursday of the month at 1:00 pm. Questions 715-645-2346. Also thank you to the North Country Master Gardeners Association fr their help- more information about them can be found at If you missed this great event and want to go next year put it on your calendar- its held every year on the third Saturday in March.

A BIG happy birthday goes out to John Hendricks of Trego! This is a belated Happy Birthday as his birthday is March 23rd! Arlene Hendricks- Hencz and her sisters send you their love and wish you a fantastic Birthday! 

If you would like to access the LCO Community College calendar please visit them at LCOOCC Extension on Facebook. Any questions or to have a copy sent to you via email please call Amber at 715-634-4790 x156.

Do you know anyone that would like to get their GED? Maybe its you that would like to get your GED and go on to take some college classes. Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College is both a place where you can study for your  GED as well as test for it. f you would like more information please call 715-634-4790 and ask for Nicole.

Happy birthday to all the people in March! So excited that it is March- but man I got to get my gardens planned and start some plants!  If you have a birthday this month you are among some awesome people !!  Happy Birthday goes out My brother Lutius, Diane Cutt, Aunt Bonnie, my niece Cheyenne Horner, as well as my niece Bailey McAlpine, John Hendricks of Trego- have a fabulous day folks! If you have a birthday this month please give yourself a hug, do something that makes you happy!! We love you!

Put it on your calendar:

July 17-19, 2015- 35th Annual Conference and Campout. Where? Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa! If you have not attended this you are missing out!!! Hope to see some of you there!

July 24-25, 2015- Hayward Piecemakers Quilt Show. New location is at the Hayward Wesleyan Church in Hayward. More information- or call Michelle at 715-661-3575

August 19-21,2015- Return To First Medicines 2nd Annual Gathering. A Gathering for adults and children to learn about Sacred Medicines Growing Traditional Foods and how to care for our environment. This event will will be held at Fortune Bay Resort and Casino.

I know that there HAS to be some events going on out there! Please let me know!

Please remember that I would like any information from all of you of what is going on! This is your column ! Any garage sales, church functions, raffles etc? Let me know- thank you!

Have a friend or family member that would be interested in the column? Maybe they live out of town? They can access the column on my blog on Thursdays, at .

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