Thursday, September 29, 2016

Spooner Advocate Column- September 29, 2016

Hello friends! Brrr it was chilly this morning. I hope everyone is getting things ready or the colder weather that is right around the corner. Now is the time to get the sand and salt mixed up, buy that new shovel because the other one got broken last year! Everyone get there wood all stacked up yet??
Please remember the farmers markets ...they are still going on and would love to sell you  some locally grown produce. Hopefully people are canning and freezing some of this years bounty.
THIS WEEKEND! Cranberry Festival! Saturday October 1st in Stone Lake, WI. Arts, Crafts, flea Market, Mash tours, Cranberry pancake breakfast at the Stone Lake Fire Hall from 7-11:00 am. Pie and bake sale at the 1st Lutheran Church from 9-3:00 pm. Parade at  2:00 pm. There is ALOT to see and do at the Cranberry Fest. For more information go to or call 715-865-3378.
I am not going to share to much politics on my column as I do not want to offend people. However I do want to stress that each and everyone does need to go out and vote! We are in a time when it is very important that the peoples thoughts and views have got to be heard and the way we do that is by voting! I will say I was a Bernie Sanders supporter, I would still vote for him today. I don't say that to make people mad, I say that because people that were going to vote for him are now saying that they are not voting or that they are going to write him in on the ballot. My suggestion is to vote for one of the candidates as each vote counts and by voting for someone that is not on the ballot any longer you are in danger of wasting your vote. Each and every vote really do count so please think about this! Also we do live in America, our country was built on having a voice to speak out, freedom of choice and the ability to have our own opinions. Please respect those that do not vote or see things from your point of view. We live in a good country, lets work on making it even better!

LCO Community College still has fun things going on at the college over the summer. BEADING has begun at the college! It is Weds. nights 5-8 pm, supplies and dinner are provided. You can start a project or bring something you are working on! Also bellydancing is ongoing on Weds nights as well. Please call to let Amber know so she has enough food for folks! See you there! If you would like to see what classes are offered please contact Amber Marlow at 715-634-4790 x156. Or check them out on Facebook!
There is a Beef and Small Farm Pasture Walk on Saturday October 8 from 10-noon. Its being held at the Bob and Jane Pederson's farm. If you would like to go please call Otto at the extension office - 715-635-3506.
Spooner Dairy Sheep Flock Dispersal Sale on October 13, 2016 beginning a 5:00 PM Central time. You have to register to purchase any of the sheep, please contact Dave Johnson at Equity Coop. 608-356-8311 ext 131 or More info at

Happy Birthday goes out to all the September birthdays out there. I love September as we are getting into cooler months and get to wear sweaters again! I hope the coming year is filled with a lot of blessings for all of you! Remember you are loved, hugs to all of you!

Until next week… Can something, freeze something or bake something....then share some wit a neighbor!

If you have any information on upcoming events please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Put on your calendar:

October 27-29, 2016 Joyce Meyer Conference in Minneapolis at the Target Center. Thursday: 7:00pm, Friday: 10 am and 7:00 pm, Saturday: 10 am. More information at .
February 23-25 MOSES Organic Conference in La Crosse, WI.

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