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Indianhead Fiber Guild- January 5, 2012

Hello there, are you having a good weekend? Have you been working on anything that is fun?
I have to say during this break from school I am having alot of fun with different projects. I have been able to meet with wonderful ladies from different groups that I belong to. Some are new groups, as I have been saying that I was going to get to the meetings- things seem to always get in the way. So this year that is what I am working on, making time for things that make me happy and meeting up with friends to stay in touch and to just let them know they are important to me!
Having said that I finally made it to the Indianhead Fiber Guild meeting. What a great bunch of ladies! I immediately felt at home with Deb and the other ladies. They are all very helpful, down to earth ladies that share alot of the same interests that I have. I can't say how happy I am to have spent the day with these warm, friendly ladies.

Making a basket for your fleece/yarn and your drop spindle.

I look mean in this picture. But I was really concentrating! LOL

Adding some of the color. I picked green, of course. There was also purple, red, blue.

This is what it looks like when you are first starting out. Of course we soaked all of the wood in water so that it would be bendable.

Everyone was having a good time weaving.

Busy at work. As you can see I did not get a picture of the Spinner who was teaching us how to make these. She was busy running around the room helping people.

Mikhaila really liked making this basket. Of course she is a tight weaver , just like she is a tight knitter!

As you can tell the pictures are not in order. Here she is putting the edging on the top of the basket. She looks like she is sewing, which she is as she is putting the edge and the braid together.

Yes this is the turtle look. LOL Do you like her hat? It is one of her own creations.

These are the ladies, not all of them of course. Their baskets are wonderful! We did a great job getting together at 1 and leaving at 5:30 with a done basket!

Yes Mom I am almost done!

My finished basket. I am a loose weaver so my basket turned out bigger.

This is the inside of the basket. Quite roomy.

Here is the place you put your spindle. It even comes with a strap.

As you can see Mikhaila is a different size then mine and a different shape, she is a tight weaver. She did not put the spindle holder on the outside as she is going to us it as a pocketbook.

As you can see her basket is alittle smaller. I think her is darling. It was really interesting to see that each basket turned out differently.
 I want to say a big thank you to all the wonderful ladies who gave us such a warm welcome. Thanks  to Deb for haviong us all in her kitchen. A huge thank you to Kathy for teaching all of us how to weave a basket!

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