Thursday, July 10, 2014

Spooner Advocate- Springbrook Column- July 10, 2014

Good day friends-The sun is out and there is a breeze. This is good being we are suppose to heat up and well I am not looking forward to that! The weather sure has been up and down so I am hoping everyone has survived the storms without getting to many trees down! The winds sure have been crazy! Hope the gardens are growing good.

Mikhaila's graduation party went well. We had it over in Minnesota so that the family would not have to come all the way over here. We both enjoyed visiting with our guests and just visiting! Mikhaila loved all the cards and gifts she has been receiving! Thank you all for taking the time to some to the party, visiting, or sending a card! We appreciate it!

So here is a question for all of you... who reads the Farmer's Almanac? Which one do you read? I usually go with the 
Old Farmer's Almanac from Robert B. Thomas, started in 1792. It seems like alot of people read and prefer this one. Any input on this? Why do people like this one better? Is it more accurate? I recently purchased the Harris Farmer's Almanac first published in 1692. I got it for the articles in it, also they did not have  the Old Farmer's Almanac. In the Harris almanac they had a great story about a dog that had been adopted from an animal rescue (he was recycled by getting a  new family) and then he has learned to pick up bottles and plastic to be recycled. It was a great story which always touches my heart as most of our animals are ones that have come to live with us after having other owners. Anyway if you want to go check out more on the dog in the article go to www.

Thank you for the call from the folks in Earl that may have seen our cat! I will be coming through there to see if I can find her. Cats are so elusive, they do not feel the need to check in and they have their own agenda!  If anyone could catch her that would be wonderful! LOL Any info, please give us a ring.

Can you believe it is July!!!! Where has the time gone?? If you are born this month I hope you enjoy having a birthday that is warm, sunny and where there are alot of flowers and plants growing! The rains have helped green things up that is for sure! Have a wonderful birthday and I hope it is happy and that you do something fun! My niece Felicia has a birthday this month, my friend Hailey Olson has a birthday as well- I hope each of you young ladies has a beautiful day! 
Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College's calendar for July classes. If you want an e-mail copy let us know your e-mail! July 11th- Farmer's Market from 9-1pm at the IGA Parking Lot. July 12- Pipestone Creek Plants and Geology  from 10-3 meet at LCOOCC,July 16- Trellis Making, hands-on at the College Farm from 5-8 pm,  Honor the Earth Powwow 18-20- come visit LCOOCC at the powwow! July 22- Beginning Sewing for future regalia/ star quilt classes, room 508 from 5-8pm, July 23- Cooking class in the college kitchen from 5-8 pm, July 24- Ricing sticks- make and take at the college farm from 5-8pm, July 25- Make a dreamcatcher  or birch bark Basket at the college farm from 5-8pm,  July 26th Naturalists tour of the Flambeau River's Slough in Gundy from 9-4pm,  July 30- Gardening hands-on at the community farm from 5-8pm. If you would like to  register for a class, or have an idea please call Amber at 715-634-4790 X156, or on email at Farmers Market is held EVERY FRIDAY, from 9-1pm at the IGA parking lot!!  
If you would like to suggest a class  be held at the College please give us a call or drop us an e-mail. We would love to hear from you!

Put on your calendar!

September 4-6, 2014 Quilt Expo with Nancy Zieman in Madison, WI.  Vendors, exhibits, presenters, quilt contests and more! Go to for more information.

September 13,2014- 7th Annual Knitting and Crocheting Extravaganza! Frederic High School, from 9-3 pm! It really is the best $20 you can spend on yourself! Any questions call Konnie at 715-653-2619 or email the ladies at or you can go to their website as well I look forward to seeing some of you there!

Please remember that I would like any information from all of you of what is going on! This is your column ! Any garage sales, church functions, raffles etc? Let me know- thank you!

Have a friend or family member that would be interested in the column? Maybe they live out of town? They can access the column on my blog on Thursdays, at .
If you would like me to put something in the column please send me your info to P.O. Box 172, Stone Lake, WI 54876-0172.  Keep your cool even when it is hot!

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