Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Healing Quilt by Wanda Brunstetter

Well Wanda has done another wonderful book! I always love to read her books, but I have to have a clear day to read it right through! I always want to find out what is going to happen! Her stories always suck me in!

Lamar and Emma Yoder Miller are living in Florida during the winter months as Lamar has trouble with arthritis.Emma enjoys the warmer weather but is missing her family, friends and one of her favorite past times...quilting. Lamar suggests that to pass the time maybe they could teach a quilting class in their new home.

A real mixture of all walks of life come together for this special quilting class. Each one has their own struggle- new baby, illness, workaholic, relationships, challenges. All are having many problems that they can not get a grip on but when they start the quilting class they seem to have help not only from Emma and Lamar but also from God.

I really like the way Wanda blends everyday problems that are occurring with many people all over the country and spins hope into those situations with prayer. She shows that even when we are at the bottom we can pray about our issues as well as help others out with theirs. Our problems do not always get "fixed" the way that we think they will. Life takes us on many twists and turns and many times it isn't fair. However; if we look at each new day as a gift and look past our problems many times we can see a different view- and help someone else.

I would suggest giving this book a read. Be prepared to want to help someone and to learn how to quilt! Thanks  to Shiloh Run Press for the copy of this book. All they ask for is a book review to be posted. This as all Wanda Brunstetter books is a good read!

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