Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Little house and the big woods!

Welcome friends come on in, grab a cozy chair and a hot cup of tea and lets catch-up on things. How is the weather in your neck of the woods?? Here it is a bit nippy, it has been windy and of course gray. We have really been spoiled this winter so I really should not complain. We have snow on the ground from Friday-and well it actually looks like we  might get some more snow today! I really don't want any- I have a slight case of Spring Fever!
I have been telling you that I would put some pictures up of the new house and the out buildings, so without further delay I am going to get those put up. I will be doing two posts today one on the farm and another on what I have been making in the sewing room. So here we go..

This is the back end of the barn that was added to the pole building. I will be putting a gate on it and it will make a nice home for someone.

As you can see I need to put a roof on this section still. This is the ceiling of the addition pictured above. At least its mainly built. =) I am looking on the brighter side of things- this is more than we had at the old place!

Right now we have Willie (mini horse) up in the barn addition as well as Sage (the goat). I have to get some chain and a pole put  to keep this gate closed in the future. BUT fir right now it is working just fine.

The two stalls on the barn addition. They both need gates on them. Also I am not sure why they used particle board when building the outside walls but those need to be replaced this s.pring

This is a fully enclosed room in the barn addition that has a window in it. We will be using it for the chickens once it has a door. Right now the pigs are inside.

They had chickens, this is on the inside wall, right next to the Mr. Ed door. Once again I need to replace the particle board wall and then I will be enclosing this corner so the chickens will be safer.

This is the Mr Ed door that goes between the pole building and the barn addition. Its come in handy as right now the chickens are loose in the pole building and they can get in and out through the top of the door. The geese are out all day and just come in at night so the predators don't get them.

This is inside the pole building. We have one stall area (where the sheep is) and Sage has decided that she likes hanging out in here with the chickens and Bob. I  would like to  put another stall area in the corner- on the other side of the shelving that is behind Sage. It would come in handy for lambing time.

What a face- Sage thinks she is the queen around there.

This is Bob my dog errrrr I mean sheep. He thinks he needs to be around people and he knows he is cute!

This is his I want a kiss and a hug, scratch behind my ears look! Hard to resist!

This is the pasture straight up from my driveway. There is a pasture on the right and left side of the main gate. There is a lane down the middle to the land n the back

The land between  my patio door and the back pasture. I think there are some things planted in this area as there is a rocky area that looks like it was planted with something. As you can see I have pines everywhere!

The front door of the house. I am not sure why there is only one picture of the house. I need to ask my daughter that. Hmmm

The end of my driveway and straight across from me is nothing but trees. I LOVE trees!

This is the pasture that is closest to the road. I need to run sheep and goat friendly fencing in this area as well. Once again at least there are poles in and the corners are done nice and strong. I am just really nervous as this pasture runs alongside the main road.

This is the other section of the back pasture. I need to run some fencing that is sheep and goat friendly. Right now it is just 3 strands of wire. That won't keep them in! LOL

Random fencing and poles.I laugh because there are poles in and they are not connected to anything but it won't be that way for long! At least the poles are in-  that is the hard part!

There are two separate rooms in this out building. I will do some touch-ups to the buildings, check the roof and run some better fencing and then Viola.....pig housing for Wilbur, Poppy and Mex!

Doesn't Turnip look happy?? One of the mascots here at the farm. BEWARE she will talk your ear off!

Turnip (up) and Kittan her brother. They are both huge talkers! 

Well that is the farm. I am super blessed to be living in such a decent house, in a nice area with great people living close by. It has been awesome to look out my door and see nature at its finest. All I can say is I love coming home to my little house in the big woods!


  1. Oh lordy, I love Bob! You need to make some postcards with that smiling face on it. I would totally buys some off you...or trade for something, if you prefer barter! :-) I am Bob's number one fan. (But not in a creepy stalker kind of way. Really.) Ha ha! Great post, Farmgirl!!

    1. I am so glad that you like Bobo! He is way cute. Last night he came over and put his face up and looked at me and just stood there with his nose in the air. So I said you want a kissie? I gave him a kiss on his nose and then he stood there waiting for another so I gave him another and then he was good and walked away! LOL Wow what a Valentine's Day- kissing a sheep!