Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29, 2012 - Winter finally hits!!!

Good morning there.. or should I say afternoon. I bet if your in my neck of the woods you really need a cup of tea or a strong cup of coffee! I hope everyone is taking it easy with shoveling as that snow is thick and heavy!!
It started snowing late last night and well...... I woke up to snow all around.

Early this morning, You really can't tell how much is out there!

Across the front of our yard, the road is right after the little pine tree. Its snowing can you tell?

8 inches on the back deck. That was early this morning we are past that now!

Still do not see the horse! He is not popping his head out when I call! LOL I don't blame him!

My lovely little trees in the front lawn!

You can kind of see the snow in this picture! It is pretty from the living room! That wind is nasty tho!

My little tree, he is so pretty! He is not tall and leggy like his cousins across the road he is round and fluffy. Sort of like me! LOL

I will write more from the North alittle later. My daughter is currently building a snowman so check back later for more fun pictures.

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