Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The wonderful world of chickens.

Hello there, its nice to see you, please come in and get comfortable. Did you have snow on the ground his morning? We woke up to a light dusting and I have to say it made everything look really pretty. Then the dogs were let out.... and well that was the end of the pretty. =) 

This morning I was pleasantly surprised with a gift certificate in my e-mail box. The lovely lady will not be named as I don't want to embarrass her - but she is awesome! I received an early birthday gift certificate from Murray McMurray Hatchery!! Oh I am so excited that I really can't even explain it to you! I actually have a catalog here in my hot little hands as I have been drooling over getting some birds. I can't decide weather I am going to get some chickens that are on the endangered list or some fancy bantams- I want both of course. I would like to get some birds on the endangered list and use them strictly for breeding. I also really like to have the bantams as I have found them to be hardy little birds that have such great personality, and wonderful color. 

This is  a Sumatra rooster. I had one years ago and I really want to have some more. They are so black that they are green colored. Nice small comb for colder weather. They are listed on the critical list- that is why I would like some breeding pairs. Nice disposition on the rooster I had before- no attacking. 
This is a female Salmon Faverolles. I am drawn to these beautiful chickens as well. They range between 6.5 pounds- female and 8 ponds-male. They are very nice looking birds, originate from France, are on the critical watch list,  have feathered feet and a 5th toe!!

Male Salmon Faverolles
A male Silver Gray Dorking-These  chickens are a very old breed introduced by the Brits to the Romans. The males are fancy with their silvery white and black coloring. They have a long body on short legs.

This is a female Silver Gray Dorking- the coloring for the girls is ashy- gray and white. The breed has a fifth toe and they are on the threatened list as far as breeds go.

So those are some of the breeds I am looking at getting strictly for my pleasure and in hopes of helping keep the breeds around for others to enjoy in the future. It is a hard decision but one that I will be so happy to make!

Mikhaila and I are also going to be putting in our order for meat chickens soon. If you know of anyone that will be looking for chickens for the freezer please have them contact us. Mikhaila is also looking at getting her own set of Turken chickens for egg sales. The Turkens are about the only chicken that she thinks are really cute. I have to ask the question that comes to everybody's mind.... Are they so ugly that they are cute???

Yes they are suppose to look like this. They are not having a bad hair.... errrr uhhhh feather day.

A young Turken
Until next time...enjoy shopping for gardening supplies and baby chickens. Please share what kind of chickens you are raising.

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