Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pillowcases and Porcupines

Good morning friends, come in and sit down a minute. Are you enjoying the warmer weather or would you like there to be more snow? I have to say I really am enjoying the weather this year, I have enjoyed being able to get around relatively easy- it makes doing the chores so much easier to do. However I do have some concerns about if people froze things in there garden being there was not enough snow cover, plus we do/did need the moisture.

The other night I was really getting into making some late Christmas gifts- hey I gave myself until the end of Jan to get them done!!!  =). My friend Max LOVES the movie Cars and well Toy Story - so for him I made pillowcases with Mater and Lightening McQueen on them. It was great fun to think of him curling up with his pillowcases for a good nights sleep. I had the pillowcases done and was just thinking on what to do with the extra fabric that was left from the pillowcases. My daughter was trying to help me decide what to do with the fabric - she exclaimed that she needed Mater pillowcases!  Well the fabric was just the right size for a bigger throw pillow and of course that made me happy because I just knew he would love a big pillow to toss around. So Mikhaila went to let in the dogs and I started sewing on the throw pillow...... started..... and then stopped.

I used some snowflake fabric that I bought, I had to get some Christmas fabric as I had nothing in my stash! The green fabric was just a scrap I had. 

The car fabric was nice- it felt like flannel.

Here she is begging for a pillowcase of her own! So what happens when she goes to let the dogs in? Mikhaila went to let the dogs in and  I hear this gasp and then silence and  then laughter!!!

Missy is not thinking it was very funny! We hope she learned her lesson, she had it the worse. In the top of her mouth and in the gums! Even in her nostrils!

Chloe only had acouple. She looked like she was smoking. Here she is in her mugshot!

I have to say they were both the best dogs to have to pull quills from. They both were champs! I am praying they don't go after another one anytime soon. It took awhile to get them all out of the mouth and the chin.

Got the pillow sewn , even with the interruption of the porky attack. Was able to get the present delivered. I got a very cool video text a couple days later from Max saying that he really loved his gift! Ahh that is what it is all about... making a gift that someone really appreciates! Thanks Max for the opportunity to sew for you! 

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  1. I love Chloe's expression. She's trying to look like she was the smarter of the two, because she only went in for a little bite...ha ha!!