Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spooner Advocate- May 3, 2012

Good Morning Neighbors!
I hope this finds you having a wonderful Monday morning. It is grey out there but maybe you have something to keep you busy in the house. I came across a sign on Facebook and  the quote said " Happiness is a Choice "- that hit me as a good reminder that how we act or react to a situation is a choice. We can choose to be happy instead of mad or sad- it is a mindset and we CAN control it. Whatever you do this week I hope you choose to find happiness in doing it.

My daughter went to the Sustainable Living Fair last week at LCO Community College and had a great time! She learned a lot about pollinators for the garden, came home with seeds, met wonderful like minded people. Mikhaila is a "food girl" she would love to write articles on food! She went on and on about the Chef that was up there doing demos and how they got too eat wonderful food that people entered in the food contest- Congrats to Mary Ellen for winning for her Acorn Squash bread it was very good! She was very impressed with all the things she learned, tried and was able to make. A big thanks to LCO Community College and all the people that came to share their knowledge- you did a fabulous job!

On Saturday we went over to the Jacoby residence in Trego as they were having an Earth Day Celebration with the local 4Hers. What a great group of people! The kids as well as the adults learned about  solar panels , toured their house made with straw as the insulation and were told about the history of different cultures that have used and are currently using solar energy. I have to say it was quite interesting to see, hear and look at all the ways that the Jacoby's have made their house sustainable with solar power! What can you do to begin cutting down on your energy usage? One thing you can start with is turning off lights that you are not using, also if you have south facing windows open those curtains- you would be amazed at all the heat curtains block out! I will be putting a list together for next weeks column so that you can find contacts to get products that will help you start saving money! I met some wonderful people Sandy Lyonn- Thanks for reminding us of Gaylord Nelson! Skip Jones- thank you for the great music and stories. These two really reminded us that we are all responsible for our earth, our community- together we can achieve great things! We need to be active and through even small things we do we will see change! Thanks to Teresa for running an organic dairy in Sringbrook! I am glad you wanted to be a farmer! The food was great! I really LOVED the cornbread! Thank you for all the hard work it took to get ready for the day- you all did a fabulous job!

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