Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spooner Advocate Column 4-26-12

Good day Neighbors!
I hope this finds you enjoying the sun that is shining today. It was chilly this morning but the sun is warming things up. How is the turkey hunting going? I have to admit I have never had wild turkey. I have eaten other wild birds, they are delicous!! I hope all the hunters are doing well. Make sure you stay safe out there!

Hey all you gardeners.. has anyone around here ever hosted a plant or seed exchange? A friend just hosted one over in Prairie Farm and it sounded like a lot of fun. People brought seeds and of course perennials that need to be split or that people just do not want any more, and then they trade with folks forplants that they would like to try. I just thought it would be a fun way to meet other gardeners and be abe to share our love of plants. I know I need more plants and don't have alot to share- there are no plants outside my new house yet!  am always looking for plants of any kind. I think I got this from my Great Grandma Marie- she would take road trips to Missouri or back to Montana, wherever she went and would bring cacti home ( she kept them in a metal horse trough in the living room) plus I just remember her vast gardens! Her peonies were awesome!  So let me know if anyone would like to rehome some plants and maybe we could make a fun event out of it! Also if anyone has non- treated dandelions that they want to cut I would love to get them from you to make some jelly with!

I want to mention some family that have lost loved ones- please keep them lifted up in prayer.
Our sympathies go out to the Dorothy Shue family- Springbrook. She past away on Jan 12, 2012.
Our sympathies go out to the Gustav and Cindy Zittlow family- Trego. They past away April 6, 2012
If you have information on birth, death, wedding annoucements please let me know so I can put them in the column in a more timly fashion.

Tara Carlson contacted me and would like to let the community know that the work on the grocery store is moving along. Sounds like they are going to try and get  gas pumps and everything installed there! That will be awesome for the community! Aso she wanted to let people know that they also have the Community Center, in Springbrook. Town Meetings are held there the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Zumba classes are currently held there on Tuesdays - more information can be obtained from Ronnie-715-520-7346 if you would like to join her for a class. Tara would like the Community to know that they are open to renting the buildiing out for meetings, receptions or whatever. We even talked a little about having a Farmer's Market over there- anyone interested? So if you have a need please give Tara a call at 651-983-2960. Lets really support businesses in our area, they really need us but our communities really need them as well!
Today (April 23) is World book Night. Now I have to admit we consume mass quantities of books over hereat my house! I had not heard of this event until I read about it in the Advocate over the weekend. So the gist of it is to get people- especially non-readers to read some great books! So people will be out all over the nation handing books out! How cool huh??  As I said I did not know about it or I would have ordered some books to hand out! But there is next year and for sure I will sign-up to do it. For more information here is the web-site www.worldbooknight.org Lets get a group together for next year!
That is what is going on in the neighborhood. If you have information to share with me please e-mail me at twogirlsandagarden@hotmail.com or call 715-766-2221. I am off to follow-up on a lead from Mr. Don Buckman.... yes I am keeping it a secret for now.
Have a great week. Why not go surprise someone with a random act of kindness? Mow a neighbors lawn, bake some cookies for someone- the possibilities are endless. It will make both of you feel wonderful!

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