Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spooner Advocate Column May 31, 2012

Hello friends. I hope this finds you well rested from the holiday weekend. Did you see friends and family? Do anything fun? Whatever you did I hope you had a great time.

The weather has been a bit of a challenge, however the breeze today is wonderful! Everyone of the animals here are laying in the yard, guess they are happy it is not so hot and sticky as yesterday.

I want to thank the Hayward Lions for such a great breakfast on Sat. The pancakes were yummy! Why is a meal even better when you don't cook it? Thanks to all the volunteers that made the breakfast go off without a hitch. Thanks again to the Service men and woman.

Thanks also goes out to the Indianhead Woolgathers Fiber Guild in Rice Lake. Thank you Deb for having us out to your farm, you and the ladies did a wonderful job sharing your talants with the community. The sheep were so cute, the projects were fun, everybody enjoyed themselves! Now i want a spinning wheel even more, and of course more sheep! I look forward to shearing the one sheep I have, will have to make something special with his fleece.

 Welcome to the descendants of Ludvig and Ingeborg Neste! Every year John and Judy Neste informed me the descendants of Ludvig and Ingeborg Neste come back to the Springbrook area the weekend of Memorial day to remember those that have passed. This year, the descendants of the Neste family- who homestead in this area in the 1890's, were more than 80 people! This is such a wonderful tribute to Ludvig and Ingeborg Neste, their eight daughters and one son: Anton Neste, Christina- Neste Titus, Helga- Neste McNitt, Anna- Neste Gaynor, Mary- Neste Bonoesho, Effie- Neste Blix, Alice- Neste Mockler, Emma- Neste Donatell-Bushey and Julia- Neste Schmitz and all their descendants. Thank you for coming back to this area, for remembering your ancestors. I am sure that Ludvig and Ingeborg would be proud of each of you! 
Our prayers go out to the folks who own and work at the gas station in Trego. I am so sorry you had a fire, I pray that all works out good for all of you. Thats it for this week. I am writing this on a phone! I need a computer of my own as my daughter has her laptop with her! Send me your news and some recipes to share with the readers-

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