Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29, 2012 - Winter finally hits!!!

Good morning there.. or should I say afternoon. I bet if your in my neck of the woods you really need a cup of tea or a strong cup of coffee! I hope everyone is taking it easy with shoveling as that snow is thick and heavy!!
It started snowing late last night and well...... I woke up to snow all around.

Early this morning, You really can't tell how much is out there!

Across the front of our yard, the road is right after the little pine tree. Its snowing can you tell?

8 inches on the back deck. That was early this morning we are past that now!

Still do not see the horse! He is not popping his head out when I call! LOL I don't blame him!

My lovely little trees in the front lawn!

You can kind of see the snow in this picture! It is pretty from the living room! That wind is nasty tho!

My little tree, he is so pretty! He is not tall and leggy like his cousins across the road he is round and fluffy. Sort of like me! LOL

I will write more from the North alittle later. My daughter is currently building a snowman so check back later for more fun pictures.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Behind The Veils of Yemen by Audra Grace Shelby

Good Morning folks. Here is another great book for you to add to your list of must reads!
Behind the Veils of Yemen by Audra Grace Shelby is really a book that I looked forward to reading. Why you might ask? Well I was looking forward to the insight of a US missionary going to a foreign country, I wanted to see what she had to experience as well as how she, as well as her family were going to deal with those challenges. I would have to say honestly I was impressed by what I read.

Let me start at the beginning.... Behind the Veils of Yemen is a book written by Audra Grace Shelby. It is just a little glimps into her life as a missionary to Yemen. Audra goes to Yemen with her husband and her three children, it is a struggle to leave her family and friends in the USA knowing that they were going to a country that is totally foreign, not woman friendly by any means and does not take kindly to Christians.
Audra is very honest in the book when she talks about her struggles as a woman having to be cover-up in public, or as a Christian who has to deal with medical problems that arise with her family in the USA as well as once she is in a foreign country. Struggles for things that we take for granted such as clean water, running water, decent housing, loving husbands and families, even being able to get medical attention when you need it - not later when it could be too late!

It was interesting to see how Audra's faith kicks in and reminds her that God is with her, that she is not alone. She may feel that she is facing the giants by herself but she is always reminded by something that she needs to rely on God and He will get her through it. This does not mean that she never gets upset at the circumstances, or mad at having to go through a situation, it means to stand firm with her God and wait for the results. That no matter how hard those results are God will strengthen her and she will be able to handle it!

I was very impressed with the choices that were made by Audra,  she chose to be a missionary and to go to Yemen with her family. She chose to stay true to her God and pray to Him even when others were not supportive and actually thought she was unclean, an infidel. She chose to pick the Yemen woman and their culture over the "American women" that were living in Yemen at the time. Something that had to really be very hard at the time! She chose to live in a country that does not support women, tries to keep them uneducated, covered and dependant on men. She chose to take her children to a country where they might not always be safe but that they would always be able to see God move in their lives as well as others. She lives by example to the rest of Christians that might be talking the talk but not walking the walk. We are here to do the work of the Lord, no matter how hard or uncomfortable that may be.

Go pick up a copy of this book! I bet you look at things a little differently. I pray that it will prompt you to get out of your comfort zone and into God's zone!

I want to thank Chosen a division of Baker Publishing Group for giving me this book free of charge. All they ask in return from me is to write an honest book review.

Behind the Veils of Yemen: How an American Woman Risked Her Life, Family, and Faith to Bring Jesus to Muslim Women

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The wonderful world of chickens.

Hello there, its nice to see you, please come in and get comfortable. Did you have snow on the ground his morning? We woke up to a light dusting and I have to say it made everything look really pretty. Then the dogs were let out.... and well that was the end of the pretty. =) 

This morning I was pleasantly surprised with a gift certificate in my e-mail box. The lovely lady will not be named as I don't want to embarrass her - but she is awesome! I received an early birthday gift certificate from Murray McMurray Hatchery!! Oh I am so excited that I really can't even explain it to you! I actually have a catalog here in my hot little hands as I have been drooling over getting some birds. I can't decide weather I am going to get some chickens that are on the endangered list or some fancy bantams- I want both of course. I would like to get some birds on the endangered list and use them strictly for breeding. I also really like to have the bantams as I have found them to be hardy little birds that have such great personality, and wonderful color. 

This is  a Sumatra rooster. I had one years ago and I really want to have some more. They are so black that they are green colored. Nice small comb for colder weather. They are listed on the critical list- that is why I would like some breeding pairs. Nice disposition on the rooster I had before- no attacking. 
This is a female Salmon Faverolles. I am drawn to these beautiful chickens as well. They range between 6.5 pounds- female and 8 ponds-male. They are very nice looking birds, originate from France, are on the critical watch list,  have feathered feet and a 5th toe!!

Male Salmon Faverolles
A male Silver Gray Dorking-These  chickens are a very old breed introduced by the Brits to the Romans. The males are fancy with their silvery white and black coloring. They have a long body on short legs.

This is a female Silver Gray Dorking- the coloring for the girls is ashy- gray and white. The breed has a fifth toe and they are on the threatened list as far as breeds go.

So those are some of the breeds I am looking at getting strictly for my pleasure and in hopes of helping keep the breeds around for others to enjoy in the future. It is a hard decision but one that I will be so happy to make!

Mikhaila and I are also going to be putting in our order for meat chickens soon. If you know of anyone that will be looking for chickens for the freezer please have them contact us. Mikhaila is also looking at getting her own set of Turken chickens for egg sales. The Turkens are about the only chicken that she thinks are really cute. I have to ask the question that comes to everybody's mind.... Are they so ugly that they are cute???

Yes they are suppose to look like this. They are not having a bad hair.... errrr uhhhh feather day.

A young Turken
Until next time...enjoy shopping for gardening supplies and baby chickens. Please share what kind of chickens you are raising.

Pillowcases and Porcupines

Good morning friends, come in and sit down a minute. Are you enjoying the warmer weather or would you like there to be more snow? I have to say I really am enjoying the weather this year, I have enjoyed being able to get around relatively easy- it makes doing the chores so much easier to do. However I do have some concerns about if people froze things in there garden being there was not enough snow cover, plus we do/did need the moisture.

The other night I was really getting into making some late Christmas gifts- hey I gave myself until the end of Jan to get them done!!!  =). My friend Max LOVES the movie Cars and well Toy Story - so for him I made pillowcases with Mater and Lightening McQueen on them. It was great fun to think of him curling up with his pillowcases for a good nights sleep. I had the pillowcases done and was just thinking on what to do with the extra fabric that was left from the pillowcases. My daughter was trying to help me decide what to do with the fabric - she exclaimed that she needed Mater pillowcases!  Well the fabric was just the right size for a bigger throw pillow and of course that made me happy because I just knew he would love a big pillow to toss around. So Mikhaila went to let in the dogs and I started sewing on the throw pillow...... started..... and then stopped.

I used some snowflake fabric that I bought, I had to get some Christmas fabric as I had nothing in my stash! The green fabric was just a scrap I had. 

The car fabric was nice- it felt like flannel.

Here she is begging for a pillowcase of her own! So what happens when she goes to let the dogs in? Mikhaila went to let the dogs in and  I hear this gasp and then silence and  then laughter!!!

Missy is not thinking it was very funny! We hope she learned her lesson, she had it the worse. In the top of her mouth and in the gums! Even in her nostrils!

Chloe only had acouple. She looked like she was smoking. Here she is in her mugshot!

I have to say they were both the best dogs to have to pull quills from. They both were champs! I am praying they don't go after another one anytime soon. It took awhile to get them all out of the mouth and the chin.

Got the pillow sewn , even with the interruption of the porky attack. Was able to get the present delivered. I got a very cool video text a couple days later from Max saying that he really loved his gift! Ahh that is what it is all about... making a gift that someone really appreciates! Thanks Max for the opportunity to sew for you! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From the Sewing Room

Hello there friends..... come in and see what I have been working on in the sewing room. I have some different projects going all at once, my goal is to finish a couple of them really soon. I can not start something else until I get the two table runners done. Period!
For those who remember I am making a crumb quilt  here are some blocks that are finished. If you have wanted to learn how to make a crumb block-  or if you have some scraps in the sewing room that are screaming to be made into something lovely then here is your chance. Hit the crumb block button on my blog page or go to and she has all the patterns for the blocks. You might just want to check out the other things that Jo is creating over there- I am always amazed at the things that she makes over in her neck of the woods! She has made some awesome quilts. My goal is to make a quilt that I can snuggle up under, I wish I cold say that it will be made in time for my birthday. However I would have to have some sewing fairies in my sewing room to get anything done by Feb 20th!
Broken dishes, star, four- patch,flying geese and a nine-patch.

These  block patterns have all been new to me. I really had fun making the broken dishes. But I LOVE the way the  star block turned out!  I will be making lots of extra star blocks for this quilt- I like that they are so country looking.

A four patch- not my favorite but I wanted to try it. A flying goose block that I really like the colors on- I see the one goose changed the  flight pattern. LOL  I must have been copying nature the day that I made this block- the geese have been flying all kinds of patterns lately. What happened to the old V pattern??

The Flying geese again- I have to say I like the darker colors of this block. Also a nine patch- I like making these better then a four patch.
These crumb blocks have really been fun to make.I like that they are scrappy, not perfect, not really a perfect pattern but still do have the normal patterns that wold be in a "real" quilt. Does that make sense? hmm
The next project I am working on is a table runner.This is completely new to me! I know I thought "What? everyone has made a table runner before! Especially if they quilt!" But no this is my first one!!  I really like the colors-the pictures don't do it justice as it is cloudy outside!
These are two of the blocks, there is a third that is finished. However the borders on the block are a little off so they do not match up perfectly with these so I have to tweak them a little.

Shows the colors a little better. I like the patterns in all the fabric alot.

Once the other block is reassembled I will put the front together .Then I will be on to the back. I am planning on trying to quilt the runner myself. I don't think it should be that hard as it isn't all that big a  project to start out on.We will see!!! I am nervous as I have never quilted  anything in my life. I have an older machine so I am just going to try sewing in the ditch. Wish me luck!

Last but not least this is the other table runner I am working on. I found it in my stash, I bought it at a garage sale for $2.00!! I did not put it together it came pre-assembled- I do see that there are a couple blocks that do not line up so I am going to tweak them as well. Now I know things can not always be perfect, and by no means am I perfect. However when I look at something and my eye immediately goes to the problem area- well I just can't let it stay like that or I will NEVER enjoy the finished product.
Its cute reproduction fabric. I think it is nice to work with lighter colors for a change. It gets me out of my normal comfort zone.

 As you can see there are a lot of lines that yo need to make sure line up. Thank goodness it is only acouple that are not in line- however I still need to take this apart. Uggghhh

The backing is the red fabric that was used on the front. I think this would look cute in a girls room, with a scrappy quilt on the bed!
Ok please let me know your input. I always like to hear what others have to say. Anything I should be aware of while stitching in the ditch? Any other patterns that I should look at or try? Happy sewing- and remember expand your horizons and try something new!

Little house and the big woods!

Welcome friends come on in, grab a cozy chair and a hot cup of tea and lets catch-up on things. How is the weather in your neck of the woods?? Here it is a bit nippy, it has been windy and of course gray. We have really been spoiled this winter so I really should not complain. We have snow on the ground from Friday-and well it actually looks like we  might get some more snow today! I really don't want any- I have a slight case of Spring Fever!
I have been telling you that I would put some pictures up of the new house and the out buildings, so without further delay I am going to get those put up. I will be doing two posts today one on the farm and another on what I have been making in the sewing room. So here we go..

This is the back end of the barn that was added to the pole building. I will be putting a gate on it and it will make a nice home for someone.

As you can see I need to put a roof on this section still. This is the ceiling of the addition pictured above. At least its mainly built. =) I am looking on the brighter side of things- this is more than we had at the old place!

Right now we have Willie (mini horse) up in the barn addition as well as Sage (the goat). I have to get some chain and a pole put  to keep this gate closed in the future. BUT fir right now it is working just fine.

The two stalls on the barn addition. They both need gates on them. Also I am not sure why they used particle board when building the outside walls but those need to be replaced this s.pring

This is a fully enclosed room in the barn addition that has a window in it. We will be using it for the chickens once it has a door. Right now the pigs are inside.

They had chickens, this is on the inside wall, right next to the Mr. Ed door. Once again I need to replace the particle board wall and then I will be enclosing this corner so the chickens will be safer.

This is the Mr Ed door that goes between the pole building and the barn addition. Its come in handy as right now the chickens are loose in the pole building and they can get in and out through the top of the door. The geese are out all day and just come in at night so the predators don't get them.

This is inside the pole building. We have one stall area (where the sheep is) and Sage has decided that she likes hanging out in here with the chickens and Bob. I  would like to  put another stall area in the corner- on the other side of the shelving that is behind Sage. It would come in handy for lambing time.

What a face- Sage thinks she is the queen around there.

This is Bob my dog errrrr I mean sheep. He thinks he needs to be around people and he knows he is cute!

This is his I want a kiss and a hug, scratch behind my ears look! Hard to resist!

This is the pasture straight up from my driveway. There is a pasture on the right and left side of the main gate. There is a lane down the middle to the land n the back

The land between  my patio door and the back pasture. I think there are some things planted in this area as there is a rocky area that looks like it was planted with something. As you can see I have pines everywhere!

The front door of the house. I am not sure why there is only one picture of the house. I need to ask my daughter that. Hmmm

The end of my driveway and straight across from me is nothing but trees. I LOVE trees!

This is the pasture that is closest to the road. I need to run sheep and goat friendly fencing in this area as well. Once again at least there are poles in and the corners are done nice and strong. I am just really nervous as this pasture runs alongside the main road.

This is the other section of the back pasture. I need to run some fencing that is sheep and goat friendly. Right now it is just 3 strands of wire. That won't keep them in! LOL

Random fencing and poles.I laugh because there are poles in and they are not connected to anything but it won't be that way for long! At least the poles are in-  that is the hard part!

There are two separate rooms in this out building. I will do some touch-ups to the buildings, check the roof and run some better fencing and then Viola.....pig housing for Wilbur, Poppy and Mex!

Doesn't Turnip look happy?? One of the mascots here at the farm. BEWARE she will talk your ear off!

Turnip (up) and Kittan her brother. They are both huge talkers! 

Well that is the farm. I am super blessed to be living in such a decent house, in a nice area with great people living close by. It has been awesome to look out my door and see nature at its finest. All I can say is I love coming home to my little house in the big woods!