Thursday, February 28, 2013

Classes at the Hayward Merchantile Company

So last week, on Valentine's Day Mikhaila and I took a cooking class at LCO Community College. Chef Al came from Hayward Merchantile and taught us some tricks to using balsamic vinegar, gave us some new recipes to try out. It was the best time I have had cooking in along time! Mikhaila really got into it and was just so excited to help out, learn some new recipes as well as EAT the product! LOL So here is the info on what classes they are offering at Hayward Merchantile.  I would highly suggest going to them if you live in the area! We arelucky to have Chef Al back again this week.... on my birthday! How lucky am I two great meals within a week of each other!

Classes at the Hayward Mercantile Company

The following is a partial of classes for 2013. Many will be added during the year.

Saturday, March 2 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. p.m. Pasta   

Chef Max Hintler will prepare pasta with a unique approach. Entrees will include Sweet Potato Ravioli with prosciutto, diced onions and maple balsamic vinegar. Then add Frutti Di Mare (pasta with seafood) and Chocolate Pasta dessert to complete the class.

Saturday, March 9 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Unique Ways to Cook Wisconsin Game Fish Chef Max Hinlter

Opening day of fishing season isn’t that far off. Max will show you how to prepare innovative and inexpensive dishes from Wisconsin game fish and seafood available at your local grocery store.

Mexican Fish Sandwich Max has put a new spin on what many folks call a fish taco. Tilapia is sautéed in olive oil with avocado, mango and red onion. Red cabbage and a splash of Cranberry Pear Balsamic Vinegar top it off. All of this inside a soft taco shell.

Cajun Catfish is an old term. Again Max does it different with Chef Jeff’s Cajun Seasoning in a super hot skillet.

Wild Rice Salad is made with a good grade of wild rice, sautéed mushrooms and walnuts.

Smoked Salmon Salad is a unique combination of greens, blue cheese and a combination of 18 Year-Old Balsamic Vinegar and Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

You will also receive printed information on how to fillet a northern pike without the bones and a list of common Wisconsin game fish.

Register no later than Tuesday, February 26 at 10:0 a.m.

To register:
Hayward Mercantile Company
10541 Main Street
Hayward, WI

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