Sunday, February 10, 2013

The 4th annual Seed Swap - Jan.19, 2013 Prairie Farm, WI

Hello there friend.... I am so far behind on sharing some of the things that have been going on around here! I do apologize for not staying in touch as much as I should. I do want to talk to all of you- it is just really busy in my life! LOL

So last month my daughter and I went to the 4th Annual Seed Swap in Prairie Farm. Wow there were alot of seeds! I was impressed with all the little seed packets that were on the different tables.

How it was set-up was bring some to share, or swap, or just come and get some seeds to plant. Cris also was putting together seed orders that she would send in as one order and everyone would save money that way! Great idea huh?

People came and dropped off seeds, some were store bought- others were from seeds that they had saved from their gardens.

All I can say is that it was great to get some new seeds.... ones like calypso beans which were on my list to buy this year. I also scored sunflowers, new pink and purple radishes and tons of other things! I am very excited that so many people came and shared so many different things! You guys are awesome!

I would also like to say it was awesome to see all my friends down in that area. Cris you did a great job getting it all together. I really liked your fish soup as well as the bean one! Treats and coffee were also great!

I would throw the challenge out there to any community- host a seed swap! Share the one thing that ties us all together, that nourishes us.... food. It is not hard, it can start small..... food is the greatest gift you can give someone besides friendship. This way you can make new friends and get some new things to try.

Here is Mikhaila working on some homework. The bag next to her had all my new seeds in it! She was working up an appetite.... soon after this picture was taken she raided the food table!

Some of the seeds on the table early on in the swap. There was way more than this.

This was the look I got when I said their was fresh coffee and food over on the tables across the room! LOL She loved the soups and all the other treats as well!

Khaiti  visiting with friends. She brought sunflowers- she is taking the seed out of them. I was lucky to get some of these awesome seeds. Thanks!

Doesn't it make you want to plant a garden? Know where your food is coming from? Get in the soil and just get your hands dirty? Oh I can't wait!!!

Thanks for hosting the seed swap!!!!!

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