Friday, February 21, 2014

Book Review: Invisible by Ginny L. Yttrup

I picked this book up and would read, put it down and think about it as I went about my business. It made me look inward to see what I felt, thought, believed and how I would handle things if this was me.
I think Ginny really gives you a birds eye view of how each person is going through their own struggle, but doesn't struggle alone with it. She shows that God is always with us, to help us, talk to us and that he never leaves us.
I think it is refreshing to read a book that handles many different issues at the same time. They do overlap as the friends do care about each other and know what is going on with each. However there are still deep down struggles that have to work their way to the top before they can be shared. I think the author really does this well.
I think each one of us can connect with Twila- not being happy with our body is some way. Learning how to work with ourselves and love ourselves. Ellyn- I don't know about you but I have voices inside my head that tell me I am not good enough, pretty enough or will never find really happiness. Where and how do we get rid of or at least over ride these voices? Even Sabrina-we have all gone through a loss that has brought us to our knees in some way. How does one keep on living and not give up? How do we survive and not become bitter?
I enjoyed reading this book! A great book to curl up with. I would suggest it as a book to read, and to give as a gift.

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