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Spooner Advocate- Springbrook Column- February 20, 2014

Good afternoon friends- I hate to complain but it is snowing again! When is this going to stop? I am so tired of the snow, and I know I sound like I whiner but really? I left here on Thursday to go to a conference in Minneapolis and we had snow and rain all day then too. The conference was great, the National Farmers Union did a great job along with all the people that presented and shared. It was fun going to various co-op companies- I have been a member of Seward Co-op for a long time but I did not know that REI was also a co-op! Did you know that you can become a lifetime member with REI for $20! Then you get a discount on things you buy and get a dividend at the end of the year. So anyway I really learned a lot and had a great time meeting new people and doing some new things!

Mikhaila and Kaelan went with some friends to Book Across the Bay on Saturday, up in Ashland. They all had a great time and said it was really fun! People walked, ski, or snowshoe across Lake Superior at night! Mikhaila said there were lighted ice luminaries, of course treats along the way. If you would like more information or would like to participate next year here is the link, Thanks to all the people that put on this event, sponsor it and all the volunteers. You did a wonderful job!

There is a new restaurant in our area, Pine Brook Farms at W4221 County Hwy A, Spooner, Wisconsin 
(715) 635-4511. I have heard that they were pretty busy over Valentine's Day. Sounds like they are open Friday 4pm - 9 pm,Saturday 9am - 9pm, Sunday 9am - 4pm. So welcome to the neighborhood!

I totally forgot to say happy birthday to all the folks born in February! I have to say that the nicest, most wonderful  people are born this month! Yes... you guessed it I have a birthday this I will not tell you how old I am! A lady must keep her secrets! Happy birthday goes to Leif Nestingen on the 9th, Haley Bintner on the 20th, and her mom Gail Koskela on the 22nd. I sure hope you do something fun and exciting, with friends and family for your birthday. Remember we love you!
I hope everyone does get out and have fun in the snow. Snowmobiling sure  has been one great way to spend time outside. Skiing and maybe doing some snowshoeing. Even going for a walk is really pretty and takes alittle of the cabin fever away! I have see some wonderful snow creations on Facebook as well- why not spend some time building a snow _____- you fill in the blank. I have seen frogs, snowmen, knitting snowmen, to name a few. Whatever you do have fun while doing it!

LCOOCC has their calendar of events out so here are the classes we are offering for February.  Feb 13- Chef Al-Italian Night for your Valentine, LCO kitchen  from 5-8pm. Feb 14 - Winter Wonderland at the Sawyer County Fairgrounds from 6-9pm, must get a ticket. Feb 15- 2014 LCO Mid- Winter Social at the Convention Center from 2-9pm.  Feb 17th - Ice fishing at Grindstone Lake from 10 am-4pm, Bread making at the LCO  kitchen from 5-8 pm, Feb 19th Beading Circle in room 305 from 5-8 pm and Bellydancing from 5:30- 6:30 in the auditorium. Give Amber a call with your class registration, questions or with an idea for a class, 715-634-4790 X156. 
I received some great barn pictures from Jan Johnson in Solon Springs! Thank so much! It is fun to see that someone else out there likes barns too! The three pictures were all very nice! Love the one on La Pointe! Thanks Jan for taking the time to send me such great mail!  

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