Saturday, February 22, 2014

Book Review: The Miner's Lady by Tracie Peterson

I have always loves books that are written during the past and are spiced up with historical issues, settings, struggles. This book takes place in Ely, Minnesota in 1860. It deals with some issues that we may not completely understand today as we intermarry into different cultures as well as many color lines have blended. Also many people do not work in such dangerous jobs as they once did.
This is a story of being faithful to God as well as family. Talks about the struggle of what to do when people you are related to will not see that things are changing and can be different then they once were and that that it is ok. 
Chantel as an older sister wants to protect her sister as well as her family when her younger sister falls in love with a man from a family  that her family have sworn to be enemies with! What can Chantel do? She feels left out of the whole situation in the beginning as she has just come back from Italy where she has been for a year. Isabella has fallen in love with Orlando and they plan to be married if they have the families blessing or not. This all leads to sneaking around, being put in compromising positions and with Chantel always having to be around Dante- who she finds to be attractive. They are held down by history, rules, attitudes. Can they learn from the past and move towards the future? Will they find true love and still be able to see their families? 
There is all kinds of twists and turns, running away, being found again, death, murder and mystery.
If you are a Tracie Peterson fan you will enjoy yet another great book! Get a cup of tea, a good seat and snuggle as you start a book you won't want to put down!
Bethany House has graciously given me a copy of this book to read at no cost. They just ask me to post an honest review and let people know what I thought of the book.

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