Friday, February 7, 2014

Spooner Advocate- Springbrook Column, February 7, 2014

Good afternoon friends- Wow can you believe that it is February? Thank goodness, there is hope on the horizon that we may be getting closer to warmer weather. One can only hope as I have to  say I really am through with this cold weather! My heart goes out to all the animals that are trying to make it through this harsh weather. It sure is not easy on them!
THIS WEEKEND!!!! Don't miss it! Earl Church in Earl, WI would like everyone know that you are invited to the Third Annual Triple Treat. It will be held on Saturday- February 8th, 2014 from 11:00-2:00 pm at the church. Homemade soup and rolls- all you can eat for $4.00 (until gone). Pies will be for sale (until gone), flea market, silent auction and more! All I can say is that Mikhaila and I went last year and got soup by the skin of our teeth! We also got one of the last pies that were there! I have to say that I know the pie was awesome only because I did not even get a piece! So come support this great event and all I can say is get there early, and get two pies that way you are sure to get some! Thanks Sherrine for letting me know the details.
Are you looking for worm castings? Call Hay River Worm Castings,Contact Jake Welle at (715) 933-0799
Prices are $1.00/pound; contact them for prices over 100 pounds. Delivery is available. Worms for sale--call for prices.
Like them on Facebook: Hay River Worm Castings
Worm castings are great for: gardens, food plots, house plants, lawns, golf courses, vegetable farms, greenhouses
Benefits of worm castings:Improved plant growth, Soil softening, All natural and nontoxic, Castings build and rebuild the soil, Extend root growth, Retain moisture: one worm pellet holds 1500 times its weight in water, Harmless around kids and pets, Bug and pest deterrent: worms produce chitinase, an enzyme that breaks down exoskeletons of insects, Better root growth.

LCOOCC has their calendar of events out so here are the classes we are offering for February.  Feb 8- winter storytelling in the Cultural Center, 10am-noon- lunch provided. Feb 11- quick healthy Meals the Diabetic Way, LCO kitchen, 5-8pm. Feb 12 Beading Circle, room 305 from 5-8 pm. Feb 12- Bellydancing, in the Auditorium from 5:30-6:30.  Feb 13- Chef Al; Italian Night for your Valentine, LCO kitchen  from 5-8pm. Feb 14 - Winter Wonderland at the Sawyer County Fairgrounds from 6-9pm,must get a ticket. Feb 15- 2014 LCO Mid- Winter Social at the Convention Center from 2-9pm. Give Amber a call with your class registration, questions or with an idea for a class, 715-634-4790 X156. 
Did you guys know there is a Feed Store in Trego? Well I did not know that there was until my friend Susie Kuha told me that there was this cute little store in Trego called Trego Mercantile. I have to say they have alittle of everything- snacks, bait, feeds. So if you are in that area why not stop in and see what they have to offer. While you are there you can pick up some soap that Susie makes, its nicely packaged up there for sale. The location is N7340 Benson Blvd in Trego, their number 715-635-3511.
Is anyone else out there into barns? Whenever I take a road trip or even am going around our beautiful state I am looking for barns. There all kinds of barns, some are still standing and housing animals. Some need some TLC and would love to be given a couple animals to shelter. I dream of having the cool old barns with a big room to put hay in, stalls to put pregnant ewes in. Chickens running around hiding eggs and then coming out with chicks when they hatch. I also want to hang the quilt square painted on a piece of wood on the outside of my barn. I am just an old barn type of girl. So I came across some "barn people" in my travels and thought I would share them with you. The Kansas Barn Alliance- and National Barn Alliance- and Kansas State Historical Society I am still going to look and see if WI has a chapter and see what is going on to preserve our barns. If you have any info and would like to share a ppicture of your barn let me know! 
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 Stay warm, stay focused, February is a short month!

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