Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial day!

Today we are going to write in red as it is one of our flags main colors. It also represents the blood our strong men and woman have spilled defending this country as well as helping other countries in need. I appreciate each and everyone of you, I may not know you personally but you are or have been  in my prayers. I am thankful that you have answered the call to defend America and give me the freedoms I  tend to take for granted along with all the other Americans out there. I can never thank you enough. I think it is too bad that I never thanked my dad for being in the service while he was alive, kids at times just don't get it!
I challenge each and every one of you to thank a military person, do something for one of them. They should always be in our mind not just on Memorial day.
Until the next time... be a blessing to someone.

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