Saturday, May 28, 2011

I survived!!!!

Good morning.....and looking at the sun out there it looks like it will be a good morning!
I am so sorry I have not posted anything lately, life has just been so busy. Mikhaila had to get all the homework in by last night at midnight. So what were we doing all last week .......homework! She has all her finals this coming week so we are not completely finished yet!
                               Chicken on the grill, a break from weeding!

                                        Mikhaila and Dutch working on Algebra out on the lawn
                                                   as I was grilling and weeding
Last week we did grill out, that was my break from the garden. As you can see I had "help" out there. These two won't even sit on the grass they have to have a blanket! I am always running around barefoot!
The weather here has been cold, cloudy and at times rainy. So all I have done is plant, weed during the times that I could. Now that I am not needed with homework help I can get back out there and crank the rest of the work out. Weather permitting, although I did do some planting in the rain. I figured I didn't have to haul water that way!

Ok here are some of the flowers from the end of the driveway that we planted. They are much prettier in person. I just thought it needed something down there as its boring otherwise!

I will show you what I found in the back garden as I weeded. I was starting to freak out because I saw no chives, could not find the peony that I transplanted and could not find the hosta that I knew had to be somewhere!!  I looked all over both gardens and then I started to weed and poof I find a flat that has my missing chives as well as the hosta that my friend Linda gave me last year! I also found the rubbarb that I had already plant as well as the one from Linda!! I am happy!

Found the chives still in the plastic flat that my friend had given me last year!! They were growing and everything! Also found the hosta in a plastic pot with little to no dirt, doing just fine! What hardy little plants!! I also found some carrots, Mikhaila ate about four of them, there are still some more in the ground.
                                                                      The little hosta, the black is the pot, the plant is the little leaves coming up out of a dusting of soil!

What is left of a yummy carrot!

Well I need to go for now. I need to help a friend move. Please have a safe and happy weekend. Remember to thank the Veterans in your life as well as those that you see while going about your day. Buy them a cup of coffee or put a big smile on and say I appreciate you! We really owe them alot for fighting for  and representing our country.
Until next time....

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