Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hold on to your hair!!!

Good afternoon. Thought I would take a break and put something on the blog. Come in and take a break with me.
Today I have been up since 5:30 and I just feel like I am not getting as much done as need be. I did get like 8 loads of landry  done and it is up on the line. It is so windy I have to make sure it does not fly away! I got the mail, stamps and stopped at the store. I have some boxes put together so that I can hopefully get them sent out soon. That will be a great day becuse they wll be out of my way, one less thing to take up room.
I need to get into the garden and put more stuff in, my daughter of course does not want to help so things are taking longer than if there were two of us doing it. However it is nice to be able to do it by myself and not have to chat or deal with attitude. The animals have been helping..... Hank seems to think he is my shadow.

Hank my helper. He is a handsome boy tho.....

After I planted some things he had to hop up there and see if there was anything he could do for me!  He actually ended up gently eating bugs from around the plants!

Of course the old saying birds of a feather flock together...... well Goldie and Whitey had to come and see what Hank was doing. They are so nosey!

After all was said and done. Hank had to take a nap, right by where I was still planting of course! LOL He is a mamas boy!! You would never know we have had him only a short time, we got him at the auction. Actually I got 5 roosters at the auction, we sold one to a little boy who had barred rock chickens at home and he needed a rooster for them. Then Hank, Goldie,  One eyed Jack, and Wyatt came home with us!

Of course as I have been weeding I have been feeding the pigs the weeds and roots, which they love!!! Here are Poppy (the polka dotted on) and Wilbur (the black one) enjoying the goods. Of course the chickens always have to come and check things out!

Wilbur comes when you call his name and Poppy she always wags her tail but she just has not made it to coming when called. She was a petting zoo animal and so maybe she just doesn't want to be petted! They do get along very well, we have only had Poppy for a couple months so we are still working with her.
This is Wilbur the day we brought him home in the car.  He was not happy about being walked to the car but he did like the ride and never got up or anything... slept the whole way! He was not happy about going to the Fair last year either, he did not like being lead around! Talk about sqeeling, and whining! Everyone laughed tho as they thought it was halarious!
Ok well that is all the time I have right now. I have been asked to share some of the pictures of the animals so I thought I would get some of them on here. I have to go to knitting. I will share more pictures later.
Please keep a friend in prayer. They had to put there dog down today and we all know how hard that can be! Jack was a great dog and he will be missed.
Have a great day, buy someone a cup of coffee. Remember to smile, people do appreciate it.
Hugs... Until next time.

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  1. It's obvious you are truly a dedicated blogger, always thinking about it. Nice job.