Monday, May 2, 2011

Brrrrr.....It is May right?

Good morning friends, come in and chat a minute so we can catch-up on what has beeen going on.
Lets start with the weather as that is what is on everybody's mind. Is it ever going to warm up? Great question that I have no answer for. I will tell you that it has been hard to get things to grow, I really wish I had a greenhouse of some sort, any size!! I can't imagine what the big greenhouses are spending in money to heat everything to make them grow!! I will have to end up buying things this year so I am glad someone is getting things to grow!

This week  has been really hectic with geting the daughter caught up in homework, trying to get her 4H project done in Food Review, we had to get her passport so she can go to Mexico in July. That was a huge undertaking as I could not find the birth certificate and then we had people that were not very educated as far as the paperwork. So after running all over and having to go to the bank and get things notrized we were able to get it sent in. Such a HUGE relief!! Now we just wait til it comes, which sounds like it should be easy but it really is not!

Lets see I did get some things planted, or put in pots. I stopped by th local garden store and bought some plants, I just could not handle it anymore. I had to have something green around me - however now they are under plastic trying to stay warm! I put the onions in tires, the geese and the chickens thought I was going out there to feed them so they were all around the tire looking in as I planted the onions. When they talk about curiosity killing the cat they have obviously never seen curious chickens, I hope my neighbors did not see me out there trying to reason with the poultry! My potatos are cut up and need to go into the tires, if it stops raining long enough they may get put in today or tomorrow. I pruned some on 3 trees, 2 apples and my pear. I need to still get my saw out and cut the dead branches out but I think I did very well with pruning the live areas. They look better and I think they will feel better too . They are starting to get buds on some of them so I hope by the time they really bloom it will be warm out there. It felt good to just be able to get something planted and my hands dirty!

Mikhaila and I planted some cactus at Spring Workshop day (4H) on sat. The Mn Master Gardeners always come and teach at Spring Workshop day and each year they plant different things.  This year they did cactus! I was really excited! I have loved cactus all my life. I remember my great grandmother having cactus and that has to be where I was bit by the cactus bug! I remembr she kept cactus in a big horse watering tank in front of the big window, I am amazed that nobody grabbed at them whn we were little! Anyway we each picked out 3 plants and  planted them in  our container. We will have to transplant them into a terra cotta or some other container but they really are cute! The two men that  donated the plants did an awesome job growing them!! They each grow and sell to different retailers and they sold these gorgous, healthy plants to the Master Gardeners for $1.00 a piece! Wow! Thanks for helping out the 4Her's. We also took a class taught by a member of the Minnesota Dahlia Society. He had a good movie to show us how to plant, grow and store the Dahlias. I have always wanted to really grow Dahlias and we always go see the huge display of them at the Mn state fair every year, then we fall in love with them all over again. Once I did try to get some so I could plant them in the spring and I got them from my neighbors and well they did not make it! I still think it was me who killed them by not storing them over the winter right but I am not sure if they were good healthy tubers to begin with. That is why I needed this class! The class was alittle small but we asked alot of questions, I learned alot and actually feel like I could grow a Dahlia. Which is really good being the generous guy gave us all dahlias that he had started from his own Dahlias! We walked out of there with 3!!! What a great plant day! Here are some wbsites that he gave me and now I am passing them on to you-,, . Go check them the websites and learn something new about Dahlias and put some in your garden this year. I know I will get to plant some finally this year! I can't wait!

Ok that is all I am sharing for right now. I have to go get other things done and can't talk about flowers and gardening all my life! Have a great day! Take an interesting plant, see what you can learn about it and then try to grow it! You might be surprised to find you are the next one teaching a class!

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