Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mowing the lawn

Good morning! Come sit for a quick minute as I am about to head out the door. I hope all is going good in your neck of the world. We are all doing just fine here. Busy, but fine.
A quick recap of what has been done and is going to happen today.
I planted some cabbage in my straw bale and someone ate the three of them out out of there, nobody has confessed yet, its a toss up between the goose and the goat! So I have to get some fencing up around that area but before I can do that I need to mow the area and then I am putting down weed cloth and then I will be able to plant through that. So guess what is first on my agenda? That is right I have to go into town and get some gas ( known around here as go-go juice) . Why is it called that you are asking? Well because your car uses it to go here and go there so its always been called go-go juice. What can I say we are a little strange! Then I will be mowing and hopefully I will get planting done today as well.
So I just wanted to jump on say a quick hi and I will check back in with you later. Please let me know what you are planting, what is growing or maybe a really good recipe that I can share with others. Be blessed!

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