Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crumbs..a couple more.

Hello there friends. I am going to make just a short entry and post the crumb blocks that I have made and then they are going to be lovingly put in the block box! LOL  I got these done on Friday and being I worked all weekend I did not get them posted on here. As soon as I post I can then go and  make the blocks for today which are ......log cabins. I have never made a log cabin block so I am really excited to do these. I am having alot of fun doing this quilt and I am so happy that Jo decided to have a crumb-a-long. Remember you can still join with us to make this fun crib quilt or you can make it larger, Jo has the details on her blog www.joscountryjunction.com. Come crumb with us!

This is one of my favorite blocks! Love the colors!

This is a crumb block for Mikhaila's quilt. She likes the brights.

Here is a four patch. I will be making some nine patches and hmm maybe a 16 patch. I  have not made these anything bigger than a four patch before.

Why is the sewing area the choice place to sit? Or the big bag of fabric so fun to sit on? Just because it all soft and squishy! I always have to move a cat off the ironing board too! Just think... if they could sew, I could get a lot more done!

I also got some awesome mail today!

Here is one of the blocks I received from my Autumn leaves block swap. Very pretty and I love the colors! Toni did a great job!

This was also in the envelope from Toni... what a nice card and a hand written letter! Can you believe it? I really feel like hand written letters are becoming extinct. I think they are so nice to receive. What can I say about the fabric? The fabric is wonderful! I am so grateful! You really  brightened my day! 
 Wow what a fantastic mail day! I like to get good mail. I love to just receive mail, any mail- well I suppose I draw the line at bills. My daughter really thinks its funny as I want the mail as soon as it comes. Hmmm maybe I should host a pattern swap or something? LOL Then I would get more fun mail. Ok here is the other good mail. Another block from the Autumn leaves block swap, this one from Tanya. She did a great job- the picture is not really good as the batteries were dieing.
 Are you in a block swap? What patterns are you working on? Please let me know as I am putting a list together of patterns I would like to do in the future. How about doing a really nice thing today...take some fabric and surprise someone you know that sews. Either take it over and give it in person, or  put it on their doorstep or in their mailbox- if you want to be anonymous0- maybe mail it to them.
                                                           Have  a great fall day!


  1. Your crumbs are looking great. Sorry I haven't had time to bop over sooner. It's been super crazy at my house. I am hoping it will calm down by the first of the month.

  2. Love how your crumbs are coming along. Everyone's is so different. Fun to look at them all!


  3. I like the little house blocks!! They look great. You are a busy sewer!!!! Can not wait to see all of the quilts when they are put together. Have a great weekend.