Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hello there friends. What are you doing on this fall Sunday? Come on in and chat with me a moment. If I had you over we would have some tea and chat about some projects we are working on or ones we would like to start.. What are you doing in your craft room? Do yo have a pattern to talk about?  On days like today when the wind is whipping like 90 mph what do you do but stay in and get cozy with a book, some knitting, maybe some quilting.
I went to the site and did some research on the different quilt shops that are out there on-line. There are quite a few. I went through this site as I can get information for the sites, I can save the sites that I like and go back to them later for my shopping convenience. Also when you participate in finding the bunny on each retail website you get entered for different things that the shop hop are giving away. There are some fabulous prizes!!! Go check them out. Also some of the shops have a free block that will show up after you register, visit their site, and then enter the contest. I never know when those free block patterns will show up but it is fun when they do! They are lovely.
So that is about it here today. A cool fall day with lots of wind.
Its my mothers birthday today. I was lucky enough to send our gift with my brother who went to see her. She liked her mug rug.I am a little bummed as I did not get a picture of it before it left my house. The camera has dead batteries. Soooo no new  pics for you guys. =(
Mikhaila is under the weather so I am going to go get some knitting out and snuggle with her as I work all day tomorrow.
Until the next time we talk remember each of you is so very special.
Hugs! (Also remember yo can hit the bunny button on the side of my blog.)


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  2. Followed your link from Jo's Country Junction. I'm so glad we're not having wind like that -- I'm always afraid one of the big trees will come down. Your crumb blocks are really cute.