Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some finished projects..

Hello there dear friend.... are you enjoying the weather we are having?.... I really do have to say that fall is my favorite time of the year, I love the smell, the colors, the crunchiness, harvest time, the foods. The list is along one.
Here are some pictures to get you feeling a little fallish.

 These pictures were all taken this last weekend out at Crex Meadows. If you have never been out to see Crex Meadows I would highly suggest going. It is a very lovely place, lots of different floral, fauna, animals and all kinds of other things.I am still looking to get some more pictures of some red leafed trees those are my favorites, especially when there are pine and white birch in there with them.

Some finished projects that I can post are...

 These are three of the different Autumn Fall leaves that I made for the block swap I was in. When I get them all back from the people I was in the swap with I will post a group picture so you see what the others made as well.

A mug rug that I made for someone.

This is how I pieced the back of the mug rug.

I hand sewed  the flower on...

added some cool buttons... they are cooler than the picture shows!

Dish drainer towel.... you put it on the counter and put the clean dishes on top of it to dry. These are pretty compared to the old towels we used on the counter as kids!

I was into buttons during this time.. so I had to add these rust and mustard ones on here. I also put some white ones in the corners on the green fabric.

The back I did with a chocolate brown fabric, batting in between the layers.

A closeup of the fabric and the button. These make dish drainers make really nice gifts. Remember the holidays are right around the corner.

Remember I am working on the crumb blocks over on www.joscountryjunction.com
are you working on them as well? You can check my progress in some of my other posts. I hope you are crumbing along- they are sooo fun.Go to Jo's site and check them out. 

Until next time.... enjoy the weather.

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