Saturday, October 1, 2011

Espresso Cabin closed.

Good afternoon... I am hoping you are out enjoying the sun being out. It is not overly warm but as long  as the sun is out that is what matters. =)
Today I am going to touch on a somewhat touchy subject.... supporting your local businesses. Some people will agree with me some people will not. I just want to bring it up so that people have something to think about being I keep hear feedback about small towns fading away or businesses going out of business. The economy has something to do with this- I totally agree. But so do the the people that live in that area- the customers of that business.
This was the sign of the local coffee shop.

The now empty parking lot.  Espresso would have had cars in it today as many people were coming across the MN line to go to their cabins and local folks were running errands. But here it sits empty and a little sad looking.

This is what the lot looked like on September 23, 2011, their last day of business.
On Sept. 23rd the local coffee shop had their last day in business here in Grantsburg. There were a lot of people there to say their goodbyes to the staff as well as have their last cup of really good java! This coffee shop will be missed as it was not just about coffee but about seeing old friends, meeting new ones and having a local place to be able to meet at. The town as well as the town folks will be at a loss without this business!

Mikhaila and I went there to thank the staff and to say our goodbyes.

Some of the smiling staff that was working that day. We wish them good fortune in whatever they do from here on out.

One of the customers made these cakes, they looked like little coffee cups! Too cute!!!

Cindy, an employee and her husband Larry having a yummy drink.

The decor in the Espresso was so cute, a fireplace, armchairs. It was a very warm and inviting place to sit and chat or read the paper.  

So what I would say is really think of where you are spending your money. We all know  that you can get a cup of coffee at the gas station. However will that gas station close without you buying that cup of coffee? Most likely not. Will the local coffee shop still exist if most people choose to get their coffee at the gas station? Most likely not. Remember to buy local, support the mom and pop business- they do not have the big company backings that stores like a grocery or a  convenience store does. Money is tight for everyone, so lets really think before we spend those hard earned dollars.
To all the employees that were at the Espresso Cabin thank you for your service and your smiles.
Best of luck in everything you do in the future.

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