Thursday, October 6, 2011

Surpise visitor.......

Good morning. Talk about having an Indian summer. We have had really fabulous weather the last couple days! I LOVE this kind of weather. I just wish the leaves were not falling so fast off the trees, seems like we only had the  beautiful colors for a very short time.
Yesterday we found a new friend in our yard. One that I have never seen walking around in nature, although we have seen them before in captivity.

Mikhaila spotted our new friend on one of the feed buckets.

Of course she had  to pick him up. He was pretty long, and he was pretty- different shades of brown on his  body and green on his legs. I a sure he blends in well in our yard.

Can you say "Wow he can move?" He ran right across her!

She wasn't totally into holding and having him on her! LOL

A close-up of him on his bucket. Anyway it was fun to see "cool" nature friends up close and personal. But I wonder how many I have stepped on while doing chores! I have never seen them in our yard before yesterday! Sorry little stick bug if I stepped on your friends!

Here are some pictures of the animals as people have been asking for them. I figured I would share them enjoying a lovely fall day. 
Poppy eating some pumpkin.

Wilbur having some pumpkin too.

Our naked- neck chicken. Yes he is suppose to look this way!

The runner ducks and you can just barely see the he call duck right behind brown runner.

Topher, eating some treat from his mama. He is spoiled!

 I have 4 runner and a male and female call duck. I love to hear them talking out in the yard. Plus they like to sit by me when I am working in the garden. Such personality!

Celeste (the brown African goose) and Doinkie the Chinese Goose. Yes they have decided to be a pair. We also have 3 other characters that did not want to be on the blog. These two are the hams of the farm.

Cream a stray that decided to make us her humans. She is one of the best cats we have ever shared a house with.

I hope this makes some of the animal lovers out there happy. We love to share pictures and stories about our animals don't we? I hope you have a favorite fuzzy or feathered friend that lives with you and makes you happy. Until next time...enjoy the awesome weather, watch out for stick bugs and one more thing......

Dahlia says hi to her brother Preacher which lives with my mom and her dad Chewlie which lives with my aunt. She would like to also say she is too cute too be in trouble for shredding the toilet paper!

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