Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Crumb blocks

Good morning friends. I hope this finds you doing well, in a good mood and well staying warm. Our house is a little on the cool side today. I have been trying to get the sewing area cleaned off a little so when I get home from work I am able to get some sewing done. So while I was cleaning I found the crumb blocks that have not been shared her on the blog. I am really behind in making crumb blocks as I have been working, having car problems and well sometimes life is just to busy to get the fun things done! So the plan today is to get some things sewn when I get home.
Ok so here we go....

So now that I looked at them again I remember I was into doing some 4 patches. I guess I got carried away with them. LOL  I had not done a lot of squares and they were fun to do but I have to say I really am ready to make the stars and the hearts. They are what I am planning for today!   



  1. Beautiful work!!

    As for keeping warm, I am trying!

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Hey Raine..They are looking good!