Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Snow!!

Good morning friends! Please come in and get warmed up, have a cup of tea and lets talk about what is going on around here. 
This morning we woke up here and the first thing we saw looking out the window was a white substance..... yup you guessed it SNOW!! My daughter of course had to inform me that it was actually frost. I think I know what snow looks like, it has not been that long since we saw it!! In my opinion  summer went way to quickly and of course winter will be way too long for me! I am happy to know it will not last long on the ground today!

So what does that mean for me today?? I have to get some stuff done outside- no the dahlias are still in the ground, so are the spuds and well all the garden stuff is not up by the house yet! I am so excited that  we have a Garden Club meeting tonight, we are going to make willow trivets I think this should be a whole lot of fun!! I also am excited to go to the Beginning Farm course that is being held over in Frederic. I took this course years ago and learned a lot. I do not feel like I used all the info to my advantage so I am going to retake it. This time around and well I am really going to focus on the info and put it into practice! I want to get some money back from this hobby farm, even if it is just food in MY freezer! 
So that is what is going on in our neck of the woods Have a wonderful day!

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